Microsoft Technology Guru – Round 1 Winner


I am very excited to share the announcement of the first Microsoft Technology Guru contest Winner. The contest has been won by Mr. Ali Haider, who proved to be the most active visitor of our blog and answered 23 questions out of 60 questions posted on the blog. Ali will soon receive his prize that’s Microsoft X-Box.


            Mr. Ali Haider,
  Microsoft Technology Guru
          Round 1 Winner

Some stats of our blog during this competition are:

· Number of Hits in two months: 63,969

· Number of Comments: 375
· Questions Published: 60
· Answers Attempted : 351

The Round 2 of the same contest has began from Today (Tuesday 01st of February, 2012) and the results will be announced on 20th of March, 2012.

Gear UP! You may be the next one to win an X-Box.

Good Luck!

About Microsoft Technology Guru Contest <Click Here>

Comments (2)

  1. Congratulations Ali Haider!

    Keep it up Microsoft Pakistan!

  2. M.Babur Farrukh says:

    good job!!

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