Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 53

Which one of the following cannot be custom defined?

1. New bullet.
2. New Number format.
3. New Multilevel list.
4. New List style.
5. New Alignment format.


How to participate:

  • Answer the above question and providing your email address along.
  • Only the answer provided with email address will be marked.
  • Only the first correct answer will be considered.
  • For further details kindly refer to the Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Comments (6)

  1. Ali Haider says:

    5. New Alignment format.

  2. Sanusi Amos says:

    5. New Alignment format.

  3. Imad Mohammad Mujeeb says:

    5. New allignment format

  4. Hieu T. Le says:

    5. New Alignment format.

  5. Waseemuddin Shaikh

    Option 5. New Alignment format

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