Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 31

Read the following description and answer the question given.
Your computer has two physical hard disks, both of them contain a single volume with Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista Ultimate installed on them. You want to take backup of your Windows 7 OS. Which drive will you use?

1. The disk which has Windows 7 installed on it
2. Any of the disks can be used
3. None of the disks
4. The disk with Windows Vista installed on it


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Comments (4)

  1. Ali haiderr says:

    3. None of the disks

  2. Waseemuddin Shaikh

    Option 3. None of the disks

  3. Abdullah Rehman says:

    Answer is .

    1.The Disk which has windows 7 installed on it.

    coz Windows 7 has the feature of backup and restore.

    and dont ask simple question we are expecting questions on Virtualization and cloud computing.  

    Q #You have one powerful PC with Virtual Servers and you are administrating thousand of PC's and clients and customers. So if your PDC goes down i mean this powerful PC goes down then what will happen.


    2.i dont know.

    3. the whole network is down coz virtual servers are configured and installed on the PDC.