Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 11

Which of the following command line tools will allow you to take backup of C: drive?

1. wbadmin
2. ntbackup
3. adminbkp
4. sysbackup


How to participate:

  • Answer the above question and providing your email address along.
  • Only the answer provided with email address will be marked.
  • Only the first correct answer will be considered.
  • For further details kindly refer to the Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Comments (12)

  1. Azeem Ahmad says:

    Answer:- 1.Wbadmin

  2. Muhamad Saad says:

    The Answer is Option # 1. wbadmin. Email Address

  3. Omair Hassan says:

    Option 1: Wbadmin

  4. disregard my email on the last post, its instead of Gmail 🙁

  5. Sanusi Amos says:

    Answer: 4.sysbackup

  6. Muhammad Irfan says:

    1. wbadmin

    Email :

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