Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 8

To which group should you add a user to allow them to authorize DHCP servers?

A. Domain Admins
B. Schema Admins
C. Local Admins
D. Enterprise Admins


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  • Only the first correct answer will be considered.
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Comments (11)

  1. Muhammad Irfan says:

    D. Enterprise Admins

    Email :

  2. Ali Avais says:

    Correct Answer: D. Enterprise Admins

  3. Omair Hassan says:

    Option D: Enterprise Admins

  4. ayesha rehman says:

    D. Enterprise Admins

  5. answers A and D

    as A domain Admins type is global but the difference btw A and D is that D has an additional Universal type..

    so i would rather go with D

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