Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 6

What is the size of data a storage account can hold?

A. 100GB

B. 10TB

C. 100TB

D. Unlimited

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  • Only the answer provided with email address will be marked.
  • Only the first correct answer will be considered.
  • For further details kindly refer to the Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Comments (14)

  1. C. 100TB

    [p.s. i'v been trying to get my answer published for question number 3 for some time, but it is just not appearing even though i submitted the answer twice already..]

  2. Ali Avais says:

    Correct Answer: 3 100 TB

  3. Ali Avais says:


    Correct Answer: C. 100 TB

  4. Agha Shamim Ahmed says:

    The Answer is C

  5. Shereen Khanzada says:

    The Answer is C

  6. kashif akram says:

    win azure storage account can hold 100TB

    C is answer

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