Microsoft Technology Guru Contest – Question 3

You are using a picture as a background for a basic shape inserted into the sheet. You wish to change the 'border style' of the picture within the shape. Which of the following tabs will appear 'twice' on the ribbon bar?

A. Format
B. Insert
C. Home
D. Design


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Comments (20)

  1. Agha Shamim Ahmed says:

    The Answer is A

  2. Kamran Ullah Siddiqui says:

    A: Format

  3. kafeel Sheikh says:

    A: Format

    I am 100% Sure

  4. Muhammad Umair says:

    Answer is Option A


  5. Ubaid ullah says:

    Option A.

  6. Ali Avais says:

    Correct Answer: A. Format

  7. Syed Yousaf Raza says:

    A … Format

  8. Answer is A.. Format.

    *hoping this gets posted*

  9. Muhammad Irfan says:


    Email :

  10. Omair Hassan says:

    Option A: Format

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