Mix 2009 next week in Las Vegas

Given how much of what we do in my team is related to the web (ADO.NET Data Services, System.Xml, etc.), Mix is one of the events I look forward every year, both to share some of the stuff we’re working on and to hear from attendees who are building real-world applications. If you are around,…


Coming from under the rocks just to celebrate for a bit

I’ve been sort of under a rock for a while, but I thought I’d come out for a minute to celebrate. Today we made available .NET 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. There are two components in the release I spent a bunch of time on, which interestingly enough have very different origins and…


Data Services and Entity Framework beta bits available

The news are out. The ADO.NET Data Services Framework (Astoria) and the ADO.NET Entity Framework will be shipping as part of .NET 3.5 SP1, and the Beta 1 release is now available. All the official blogs discussed the details already, including the Astoria team blog, ADO.NET team blog, Scott’s, and many others out there. Folks out there trying…


Provider availability enables Entity Framework and Data Services over many database vendors

There are fresh news about ADO.NET provider support here, and there is an official looking statement from last December with more details here. The ADO.NET Entity Framework is designed so that the upper layers of the system are database-independent. There has been many attempts at this in the past, with varying degrees of success. I…


TechEd Europe next week

I’ll be attending TechEd Developers EMEA in Barcelona, Span next week. I’ll be giving talks on Astoria, the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ. If you’ll be around and want to chat I’ll be around the conference most of the time that I’m not speaking. See you there!  -pablo  


Two more Astoria design posts: URIs and data sources

We’re trying to keep up posting regularly on the design aspects of Astoria we have on the table week by week. In this last week we discussed a couple of important topics in the team blog. First we touched on URIs. The URI syntax is a very visible part of Astoria, and being a syntax it…


Channel 9 episode: the Entity Framework one year later

Almost exactly a year ago Mike, Britt and I did a Channel 9 episode where we talked about the Entity Framework and we said that we were going to have a runtime that would expose an EDM view of the database, and we also said that we were going to have great tools to design…


ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 is out, with tools :)

Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2 shipped a few weeks ago and folks have been asking how to work with the Entity Framework using the new Beta. Well, a couple of days ago we shipped the Beta 2 of the Entity Framework, which will integrate nicely with Visual Studio Beta 2. This beta includes a bunch…