Astoria CTP for Visual Studio 2008 is here

We got many emails lately asking whether we were going to ship a version of the Astoria CTP that would work with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and the ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2. Well, it’s out now. You can read about it in the Astoria Team blog and download it from there. Note that…


What’s your take on the wire formats Astoria should support?

As much as I’d like to say that formats are a low-level thing that most consumers of the technology shouldn’t need to worry about, the reality is that payload format for a data service is something that a lot of folks care about. Since we started with the first CTP of Astoria we got a…


ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 is out, with tools :)

Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2 shipped a few weeks ago and folks have been asking how to work with the Entity Framework using the new Beta. Well, a couple of days ago we shipped the Beta 2 of the Entity Framework, which will integrate nicely with Visual Studio Beta 2. This beta includes a bunch…


A data service is not a database

Since we put out the new version of the experimental Astoria online service there has been a broad set of questions coming, which is great because it was the goal of the thing…we’re learning a bunch from it. A class of questions that we are getting are “database questions”. Things such as “how can I…


We’ll host an experimental Astoria data service for you

When we announced Project Astoria at Mix 2007 last May we made the toolkit available along with a few samples as an online service. The missing piece there was the ability to create your own service online in the experimental setting we had setup. Now Mike has just announced the availability of the new version…


Astoria Client for Silverlight Alpha 1.1

Last May when we shipped the first CTP of Microsoft Codename “Astoria” we included a client library in addition to the components for the server. The original client library can be used from .NET applications in cases where you do not want to develop directly against the HTTP interface, and rather you want to use…


Podcast interview with Jon Udell

Last week I had a great conversation with Jon Udell about Astoria. Jon is a great interviewer and he knows how to explore a topic in his own style, so you get to hear about Astoria from a different perspective, without having to listen to my “standard pitch” again 🙂 The interview is posted in…


Security in data services

We still have more questions than answers on what is the appropriate security story for data services. The May CTP of Astoria had some ideas built into it, but it was clearly not enough to build real-world applications. There is quite a bit that needs to be explored in this space. I wanted to take…


Astoria in Channel9

Charles from Channel9 came by my office a week or two ago and recorded this video where we discussed the motivations, target scenarios and some of the interface details of Astoria. -pablo  


Application models for Astoria

When you combine technologies such as Silverlight or AJAX-style applications with Astoria there is an opportunity for building great interactive data-driven applications. However, this combination also results in a new ways of organizing the various pieces that make up the application, so the question on what is the right application architecture comes up. I’ll tackle…