OData chat with Scott Hanselman, warming up for Mix

A few days ago Scott and I recorded a “hanselminutes” episode where we spent some time talking about OData. Scott came armed with a whole bunch of questions to help tease apart the current transition we’re going through regarding products names. We also touched on various topics ranging from the layering of the system in…


Every SharePoint 2010 server is a Data Services server

I haven’t been writing much here, mostly because I’ve been way too busy but also because I couldn’t discuss publicly many of the things I’m doing. Now that SharePoint 2010 has been announced and its feature set published everywhere, I can finally discuss one of the coolest things we’ve been up to lately. SharePoint is…


Mix 2009 next week in Las Vegas

Given how much of what we do in my team is related to the web (ADO.NET Data Services, System.Xml, etc.), Mix is one of the events I look forward every year, both to share some of the stuff we’re working on and to hear from attendees who are building real-world applications. If you are around,…


Now you know…it’s Windows Azure

Since we shipped ADO.NET Data Services v1 in .NET 3.5 SP1 (and actually before that as well) I’ve been working on a few things that I could share (such as offline/sync support for data services) and some that I couldn’t discuss publicly until all the big plans where announced. This week at PDC Microsoft announced…


Unifying service interfaces

As David Treadwell announced yesterday, we are starting to align the Windows Live services interfaces to use the AtomPub protocol, and to have a uniform set of conventions that are shared across internet services and the Project Astoria bits. What does that mean? It means that starting now (and more in the future) you can…


Going to Mix 2008? See you in Las Vegas!

Mix is one of my favorite events. It’s a different kind of conference, many perspectives all in one place. Since it’s all about the web, the Astoria team couldn’t miss Mix 2008. Mike, Andy and myself will be there giving talks, making announcements and hanging out in the open space area. So if you want…


TechEd Europe next week

I’ll be attending TechEd Developers EMEA in Barcelona, Span next week. I’ll be giving talks on Astoria, the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ. If you’ll be around and want to chat I’ll be around the conference most of the time that I’m not speaking. See you there!  -pablo