OData chat with Scott Hanselman, warming up for Mix

A few days ago Scott and I recorded a "hanselminutes" episode where we spent some time talking about OData. Scott came armed with a whole bunch of questions to help tease apart the current transition we're going through regarding products names. We also touched on various topics ranging from the layering of the system in our .NET implementation to what is the relationship of OData with the REST architectural style.

The interview is now live.

This was a good warm-up exercise for next week. We'll have a lot to say about OData at Mix 2010 in Las Vegas. If you are planning on attending Mix you won't want to miss the keynotes and OData sessions that are happening on Tuesday. We'll also be hanging out in the common areas during the event so if you're into this topic and would like to chat definitely come and find us.



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  1. Antonello says:

    It seems Scott followed up the discussion with some interesting code…


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