Mix 2009 next week in Las Vegas

Given how much of what we do in my team is related to the web (ADO.NET Data Services, System.Xml, etc.), Mix is one of the events I look forward every year, both to share some of the stuff we're working on and to hear from attendees who are building real-world applications.

If you are around, feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat. I'll be there through the whole event, and will be doing two talks on Friday, one on the Entity Framework and how some of its new features can make life easier when writing web applications, and another one on ADO.NET Data Services where I’ll discuss how to build RESTful data-centric interfaces and what’s coming in the future of Data Services.

  • “Modeling RESTful Data Services: Present and Future”: here I’ll discuss how to build RESTful data-centric services using today’s version of the Data Services framework as well as what’s coming in the future for Data Services.
  • “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework”: in this one I’ll talk about the Entity Framework and how some of its new features can make life easier when writing web applications. (no, I did not choose the title for this one)


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  1. Kris says:

    With the economy in bad shape and companies cutting down expenses, I think you guys should make the content available online for those of us who cannot make it. Just a thought…

  2. @Kris: well, the content from previous years’ Mix conferences is all online (they have a nice player that shows both the speaker and the slides/demos with full audio/video). A lot of the content from Mix is even published online as it happens, and while I haven’t seen the specific plans I would assume content will be online this year as usual. So if folks can’t make it because of travel cuts (we’re all going through that), then you’ll have access to a lot of information related to Mix online. http://visitmix.com is the place to start for this.


  3. Michael says:

    ADO.Net  Data Services: Present and Future  


    Microsoft .NET RIA Services which popped up suddenly

    just wondering do they play together at all ? And even it is possible to add another layer such as .Net RIA Services on a top of  ADO.Net Data Services do you see any practical use of that ?

  4. Frank says:

    I have three seperate tables loaded into my silverlight 2.0 c# program.

    Table A is loaded first.

    Table B is loaded Second.

    Table C is loaded Third.

    I am using the exact logic for updating, inserting and deleteing that is found in the Silverlight 2 ADO Documentation.

    If I update Table C, everything works.

    If I update table A or B I get the tracking error.

    If I switch the order, loadinding table B last, which makes it the most current table.

    The updating works just fine.

    Then, if I try to update table C, I get the tracking error.

    How do I establing the tracking, in the code, so I can update any or all three of the tables?

    Thank You

  5. rcbapb says:

    Hi Pablo, I am trying to copy your presentation (How I learned to stop worrying…) on my system running Windows 7 and VS2010, and I get stuck at 6:19 where you are creating a referential constraint between Category and Post. In your demo, you could pick CategoryId as dependent property, whereas I can only pick Id. I guess what you were showing is not part of VS2010 beta 1 yet? Or am I doing something wrong (you move pretty fast in this video!)? Anyway, interesting demo and excellent work!

    – Peter

  6. Hi Peter,

    You got it right…the bits I was showing contained foreign-keys support, which is not present in VS2010 Beta 1. It should show up in Beta 2.


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