Going for transparency: follow the Astoria design process on the Astoria Team blog

The technology and needs in the web space are broad and move fast. As we are building technology for that space with Project Astoria, we wanted to make sure we do it in a way that works well with the nature of the environment and the developer community we are targeting.

One of the things we'll try is to be as transparent as possible with the design process. Our plan is that as we discuss design issues in our design meetings, we will post the discussions on the Astoria Team blog as well. Not just the conclusions, but the discussions themselves, even before we made a call. We were also thinking of posting our regular meeting notes publicly as well.

The actual details are here in this post in the Astoria Team blog.

We in the Astoria Team have been wanting to do this for a while and folks like Carl, Shyam and Andy have come up with various ideas and possible approaches. We landed at the one we are taking now as a start, and we will learn as we go. So go ahead, follow the design notes, and let us know if both the process and the technical discussions/decisions we are making work for you.


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  1. I like that idea, that way you can get input from potential user much much sooner than waiting to get the actual bits from the astoria team.

    I like the idea of reading the actual meeting discussion and nodes.

    I would like to say that it would be really really nice, if you guys can video every team meeting and put them up in the web for discussion, that would be pretty coo.

  2. Pablo,

    Sounds good to me; the more input from the trenches the better.

    You’ll probably get more response to your http://blogs.msdn.com/astoriateam/archive/2007/07/20/transparency-in-the-design-process.aspx post if you enable anonymous comments.


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