Idempotence on HTTP operations

A few folks sent me email asking about idempotence on Astoria operations over the HTTP/REST interface, motivated by this post. I completely agree that idempotence is an important characteristic of an interface as it allows you to make a bunch of assumptions on the consuming side. That said, there are practical limits to what we can…


Seriously good content on creating and using data services

There is a number of folks that have been writing about Astoria. Collectively they built a lot of reference material that is probably the best reference point for getting started and learning about practical aspects around creating and using data services with the Astoria framework. Jonathan Carter is writing an impressive multi-part series that’s covering…


Project Astoria December CTP is out!

We just released the December 2007 CTP of Project Astoria, or I guess I should say the ADO.NET Data Services framework as Mike pointed out. This is an important milestone for Astoria, as this is the first release that is based on the real, production code base and not on the initial prototype that we…


Great questions in this podcast on Astoria by Guy Smith-Ferrier

I had the chance to talk with Guy in TechEd Europe in Barcelona a few weeks ago. He has been looking at Astoria and doing presentations about it for a while, so he knows the product and the questions that developers out there have about it. In this podcast Guy asked a bunch of great…


Components and Applications for Astoria starting to pop-up

It’s exciting to see how a whole ecosystem of development tools, samples and working sites is starting to show up around Astoria and other closely related technologies such as Silverlight. On the components side, there is obviously a lot of potential around combining the rich experience capabilities of Silverlight with the data infrastructure of Astoria,…


Interview on Astoria in .NET Rocks

A few weeks ago I had a great conversation with Richard and Carl, the folks from .NET Rocks. Here is the resulting interview. If you’ve been following the Astoria Project you’ll probably find it interesting, as it’s based on their own perspective and questions rathern than our standard way of telling the story 🙂  -pablo  

TechEd Europe next week

I’ll be attending TechEd Developers EMEA in Barcelona, Span next week. I’ll be giving talks on Astoria, the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ. If you’ll be around and want to chat I’ll be around the conference most of the time that I’m not speaking. See you there!  -pablo  


Two more Astoria design posts: URIs and data sources

We’re trying to keep up posting regularly on the design aspects of Astoria we have on the table week by week. In this last week we discussed a couple of important topics in the team blog. First we touched on URIs. The URI syntax is a very visible part of Astoria, and being a syntax it…


Astoria CTP for Visual Studio 2008 is here

We got many emails lately asking whether we were going to ship a version of the Astoria CTP that would work with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and the ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2. Well, it’s out now. You can read about it in the Astoria Team blog and download it from there. Note that…


What’s your take on the wire formats Astoria should support?

As much as I’d like to say that formats are a low-level thing that most consumers of the technology shouldn’t need to worry about, the reality is that payload format for a data service is something that a lot of folks care about. Since we started with the first CTP of Astoria we got a…