Making Sense of Traceroute

If you’ve poked around the PNRP netsh contexts (and you probably have if you read this blog) I bet you’ve run into the traceroute command.  I’m talking about netsh p2p pnrp peer traceroute.  The help text will tell you that the command “resolves a peer name with path tracing” but it won’t explain the format…


Get Connected With The .NET Framework 3.5

MSDN Magazine has coverage of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) namespace in the upcoming release of the .NET Framework 3.5 (which will ship with Visual Studio® 2008, formerly code-named “Orcas”).  Check it out here: -Tyler


PNRP Debugging Guide Part 1

In this installment we’ll talk about failing resolutions, registrations and communication problems between Windows XP and Windows Vista. Name Resolution Fails You published a name on one machine, and you can’t resolve it from another  Check cloud status Working with an unhealthy cloud can make your registrations and resolves fail. netsh p2p pnrp cloud show…



When it comes to troubleshooting networking problems nothing is more trusted then ping.  It is probably the first networking utility that everybody masters.  When you want know if communication works between point A and B ping is your friend.  Often times when working with PNRP I have used ping to make sure that I could…


PNRP and

The other day I read a forum post explaining that it was easy to block PNRP traffic at the edge of the network – just block all traffic headed to  I worry about the user’s motivation for blocking PNRP (peer-to-peer networking and illegal music sharing are not synonymous!) but I feel the need to…


Understanding PNRP Clouds

In the next few days, I’d like to post portions of the debugging guide that we’ve been compiling.  First, we need to explain PNRP clouds and cloud states and run through our powerful but cryptic netsh commands.  We’ll start with clouds. A PNRP cloud is a group of connected PNRP nodes.  By connected, I mean that paths…


P2P Case Study: 90 Degree Software

Would you like to know how our customers are using peer-to-peer?  We’re writing case studies.  The first is available now! 90 Degree Software besides using various parts of .Net 3.0 leveraged the peer channel, PNRP and IPv6. Here’s a quote that makes me feel warm and fuzzy: “Using peer-to-peer technologies in Windows Communication Foundation was…


Teredo at Disneyland

I wanted to follow-up my previous posts with a positive report.  I took a well deserved vacation last week to Disneyland.  We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel which offers internet access in the guest rooms.  I couldn’t resist testing the PNRP and Teredo experience.  I am pleased to report that everything behaved perfectly.  Teredo…


Teredo at the Library

Last week I took my vista laptop to the library to catch up on some work.  I discovered two more roadblocks to getting a public cloud.  I found when I first connected to the public network that local library offers I had a 6to4 address.  I thought that was odd so I took a closer…


MSDN Forum

We have our own forum! Peer-to-Peer Networking: Use this in place of the newsgroup to ask questions about the platform, protocols or experiences.  We’ll watch it closely. Thanks! Tyler