P2P Case Study: 90 Degree Software

Would you like to know how our customers are using peer-to-peer?  We’re writing case studies.  The first is available now!

90 Degree Software besides using various parts of .Net 3.0 leveraged the peer channel, PNRP and IPv6.

Here’s a quote that makes me feel warm and fuzzy:

"Using peer-to-peer technologies in Windows Communication Foundation was easy and enabled us to meet our business needs securely while lowering deployment costs for our customers."

Roger Sanborn, Chief Technology Officer, 90 Degree Software

 Abstract: 90 Degree Software is dedicated to revolutionizing the reporting software industry. To that end, the company wanted to create a solution that simplifies the report-building process so that businesses can create, maintain, edit, and analyze reports in a collaborative, protected environment—without relying on IT. To build this solution, 90 Degree Software took advantage of the Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.0 managed programming model, including Windows® Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation. By using cutting-edge Microsoft technology, developers increased their productivity and released a robust product that enables people to work in a peer-to-peer manner without requiring any server components. As a result, Radius90 reduces the burden on IT and enables analysts to be more productive.



If you’re using Microsoft peer-to-peer technologies like 90 Degree Software, we want to hear from you! 

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Have fun!


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  1. Natalie says:

    If you need help with products that are available, reporting software is a really useful resource.


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