OneNote and the Evolution of Productivity Software

OK, that’s definitely an overblown title for the level of breadth & depth I’ll be hitting here, but it’s the proper spirit. Over the holiday I’ve been thinking about where the computer industry is these days and where it’s headed, and in that vein I’m going to take a quick break from introducing new features…


New Extensibility in OneNote 12

Whew, sorry for that extended disappearing act. It turns out things get a little busy around beta 1, especially when combined with holidays and (in my case) my girlfriend Heidi relocating to Seattle. Anyway today’s topic is extensibility. We’ve taken a pretty measured approach to extensibility in OneNote up to this point, as those of…


Linking related notes together (really)

So the planned segue into this topic in my previous post was buried way up near the top where I said I received a piece of e-mail with a link. That innocuous-sounding statement is glossing over a fair amount of technology. This is the link in question (slightly censored): onenote:///\\serverdeleted\public\namedeleted\customer%20profile%20presentation\Persona%20Presentation Ugly, huh? This is the…


Linking related notes together

I’ll get into this subject by way of a great OneNote experience I had today. All of us on the team are using shared notebooks quite a bit these days (Chris blogged about shared notebooks last week). It’s an incredibly exciting time. Despite having designed the user experience and talked about the theory of sharing…


A squadron of notebooks

For this first post, I’m going to start with an area that’s foundational to some of the things I’ll be talking about later: the changes to OneNote’s organizational system. Since shipping the first version, we’ve gotten some great feedback about where the current design shines and doesn’t so much, along with many suggestions. We’ve gotten…



I’m writing this blog to tell you about the next version of OneNote (“OneNote 12”), which is currently under development. For those of you unfamiliar with OneNote, we’re a product in the Microsoft Office family for collecting personal and business info – like a digital notebook. This upcoming release is either our second or our…


Looking Good

No flames as yet. Emboldened, in next post, will experiment with actual content.



Hmmm, first post to my first blog. Dum de dum.