Insider Fast release notes: 15.37 (170718)/15.37 (170720)


A new Insider Fast release is available on 7/20 with version 15.37 (170720). Issues on missing signature and online meeting links are fixed.


Here's a look at this week's Insider Fast update: 15.37 (170718):

Top fixes:

  • Fixed a reminder issue where created or modified reminders (included snoozed reminders) will not be displayed until you re-launch Outlook
  • Fixed a bug where moving a message with attachment from Inbox to another folder, the attachment is missing when displayed in the new folder.

Top improvements:

  • Smart folders list on the new side bar is now visible all time
  • Improved keyboard and VoiceOver navigation for meeting invites and email headers
  • Improved the visuals for drag and drop email(s) to folder
  • Provide a command to use domain-based AutoDiscover when adding Exchange mailbox (Applicable to specific O365 tenants, contact your IT admin for details)

Known Issues:

  • Online meeting details and links are missing when creating online meeting. We are working with server team to fix the issue - Update: this is fixed in 15.37 (170720) released on 7/20
  • When manually insert a signature in compose view, the signature is not actually being added. This will be fixed in the next Insider Fast release - Update: this is fixed in 15.37 (170720) released on 7/20

Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
    • We've disabled comments on these posts to direct feedback to Contact Support (keep the feedback coming!)
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
  • More information on Office Insider and joining Insider Fast
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