Production: New Sidebar with Favorites and Send Later now available!

With the release of 15.36.170702 this morning, we have a new Sidebar with Favorites and Send Later now available for our production customers!

We have had these features available to our Insiders for a while now and thanks to all the feedback we've been able to make improvements to get these ready for our Production release.

See details about Favorites here:

See details about Send Later here:

Why update the folder pane?

We re-architected the old folder pane primarily for better performance esp. for large number of folders / accounts. It has a new name - Sidebar! As part of re-write, along with updated look and feel that's lightweight and appropriate for the platform we also updated a few constructs:

  • Improved keyboard and VoiceOver support, including navigating folders and between the Sidebar and message list
  • Unified folders simplified now, similar to Outlook Mobile
    • They can no longer be expanded to show individual accounts. We found that users were using these as shortcuts to special folders e.g. Inbox across various accounts. We've introduced Favorites instead where any folder you care about can be added to the top section of the Sidebar.
    • This means a few things are re-organized in the new Sidebar:
      • All Accounts - has Inbox, Sent, Trash and Drafts as unified folders. These are no longer expandable to see individual account folders.
      • Each account can be expanded to get to all folders including Inbox (along with subfolders) and all other folders.
      • On My Computer behaves the same way as other account folders so has Inbox (along with subfolders) and all other folders.

  • Online Archive now shows up under the account itself rather than being a top level node
  • Outbox, which shows up when mails are waiting to be sent out, now show up at the top of the hierarchy

Got feedback?

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature

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