Insider Fast release notes: 15.37 (170704)

Update on 7/7:

For those affected by a crash on launch, or a consistent crash after updating to 15.37.170704 (or 15.37.170706), please update to the latest Insider Fast release 15.37.170707, which is available starting from 7/7.

Here’s a quick look at this week's update:

Top improvements and fixes:

  • Favorites:
    • New star icon is used for better usability (see image below)
    • Remove the option to "favorite" online folders, which can change depending on network connectivity
    • Add support for dragging Groups and Google account folders to Favorites
    • When marking local folders as favorites, it will be suffixed with On My Computer
  • Calendar:
    • Fix an issue where meeting invitations sent to DLs do not allow responses to be sent

Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
  • For weekly updates with the latest features and fixes listed here, join Insider Fast!
  • Lastly, the Outlook Preview is concluding this week; thanks for all the valuable feedback!

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