Insider Fast release notes: 15.36 (170620)

Here’s a look at this week’s Insider Fast update, 15.36 (170620):


Top improvements and fixes:

  • Favorites: drag & drop is now supported to add folders to Favorites, and to re-order folders within Favorites
  • Delegates can now add Skype for Business online meeting details when scheduling meetings on behalf of principals
  • When clicking a mailto link or sharing a page from a browser, message text is now properly added above the signature
  • When launching Outlook without any accounts added, the setup dialog now displays an option to import from Outlook 2011
  • Import from Outlook 2011 is now the first and default option in the import dialog, appearing above .pst and .olm file options


Drag & drop a folder to Favorites:

Favorites Drag Drop


Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
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Comments (11)

  1. Peter Auerbacher says:

    For me the folders are sorted alphabetically. If i try to change this i only get a “+” to copy one favorite inside another. But there is no way of resorting

    1. Peter Auerbacher says:

      can be deleted i did not update to the last update 😉

    2. Sunder Raman says:

      Can you check your build number using Outlook > About menu and see if it’s 15.36.170620?

  2. Ryan Butler says:

    Maybe I missed a line item in the release notes, but the addition of “Inbox – Account Name” when having multiple Inboxes added to Favorites was a MUCH NEEDED addition. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for your post. This wasn’t explicitly called out in the notes, so appreciate the mention. It’s part of the changes for supporting special folders, like Inbox, Sent, and Trash.

  3. Bruce Kaskel says:

    I just joined Office Insider Fast and I have installed Outlook for Mac 15.36.(170620) today. I was previously on 15.35. I have been unable to see or access the recently added Favorites support. I am only using 1 account, could that be related? I see no Favorites section in the Sidebar and no mention of Favorites in the context menus or the File > Folder menu location as described in the blog post.

    1. Hi Bruce. It might be possible there was some delay in enabling the feature. Did you update to today’s release? If you’re still not seeing Favorites, please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support. Thanks!

      1. Bruce Kaskel says:

        Thanks Jeffrey. The new 170627 release solved it for me.

  4. Darren Ward says:

    When clicking in Search on my mail all the search item are now greyed out (From, Subject, Attachment etc)

    1. Thanks for the post, Darren. Can you send us a screenshot via Help > Contact Support within Outlook?

  5. Omar Malik says:

    Build 15.37 getting error code -49993

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