Insider Fast: Favorites now available!

We are excited to announce another highly requested feature is now available: Favorites! This feature will be available in Insider Fast update 15.36.17606 rolling out today.

How does it work?

Select “Add to Favorites” in the context menu / File menu of any folder:


The folder will show up under Favorites at the top of the Sidebar:

Favorites in Sidebar

To remove from Favorites, select “Remove from Favorites” in the context menu / File menu of the folder you want to remove:

Menu for 'Remove from Favorites' option

Known issues?

  • Favorites are local-only; thus, Favorites added in Outlook for Windows or web don’t show up on Mac and Favorites on Mac don’t roam
    • We are working to enable this in the future
  • Favorites can be added and removed via context menu / menu; drag & drop support coming soon
  • Favorites are sorted alphabetically; support for re-ordering is coming soon
  • Groups can only be added to Favorites using the File > Folder menu; context menu support coming soon

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