Insider Fast: Send Later is now available!

We are excited to announce another highly requested feature on our consumer as well as business UserVoice forums is now available: Send Later! This feature requires Office 365 Subscription and will be available in Insider Fast update 15.35.170509 rolling out today.

This feature requires Exchange 2016 CU5+ / Office 365 / email accounts. Please note, your account has to be on the Office 365 backend (see announcement).

How does it work?

The first email you compose on the new build introduces the feature with a callout:

Send later callout introduces the feature

You can now send later, using the option in the dropdown on Send button or Draft menu. Once you select the option, you can set the date and time when message should be sent:

Send later drop down option under Send button

Send later under Draft menu

Set date and time on message to be sent later

The message is saved to Drafts folder – icon on message list shows it’s to be sent later and infobar in Preview Pane shows the time it will be sent with an option to Cancel Send. Note: Once scheduled Outlook does not need to be open to send the message at later time.

Send later icon in message list and new infobar with scheduled time with Cancel Send button


How do I cancel message from being sent?

Clicking on Cancel Send will prompt you to delete the message permanently and cancel sending the message. Note: Be sure to copy the contents of the message, if needed, as it will be permanently deleted.

Cancel send confirmation

Note: You can only Cancel Send if you are online

Got feedback?

Please contact us using Help > Contact Support

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