Insider Slow: Adding email accounts just got easier

Starting from the week of Apr 24, selected Insider Slow users will see a new workflow when trying to add an email account with version 15.33.409. (All Insider Fast users have this new feature with version 15.33.228+.)

When you add an Exchange or Gmail or other email account, we figure out the settings for you. Just provide your username and password, and you’re good to go.


How to see the new workflow?

For the selected Insider Slow users, there is no new software update needed as long as you are using Outlook version 15.33.409. Simply relaunch Outlook, open Accounts window (from Preferences or from Tools menu), you will then see the new workflow.

I am on 15.33.409 but I don't see the new workflow. How can I get it?

We are rolling out the feature gradually to Insider Slow users on 15.33.409, so only selected users will receive the new workflow. In two weeks (Week of May 8), we will release this feature to 100% Insider Slow on 15.34 update.

Any known issues?

If you need to manually configure an IMAP without SSL or a POP account, please verify the server addresses and port number with the service provider.

Give us feedback or raise a question through the in-app Contact Support.

See more details here:

Better and easier way to configure mailboxes

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