Insider Fast release notes: 15.34 (170404)

[Updated Apr 6 2017]

Here’s a look at the top fixes in this week’s Insider Fast update: 15.34 (170404):

  • New account setup: If the wrong password is entered for an IMAP account, we no longer prompt twice for email address and password
  • Clicking mailto links or sharing page from browser now properly opens a new email compose window
  • We now perform routine database optimization in the background and show progress when appropriate
  • When copying a calendar event by holding Option plus drag and drop, the event now copies with correct start and end times


And here are some feature updates:

  • Google accounts: Instead of authenticating within Outlook, you'll now get redirected to your browser for authentication; released to select Insiders
  • Read & Delivery Receipts: Now available to Insider Fast! See the following link for details.


Insider Fast: Read & Delivery Receipts now available

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As usual, please use Contact Support in the Help menu to report issues, or comment below. Thanks!


Comments (32)

  1. Ken says:

    Can you verify if there is an issue with Focused Inbox? Was working fine prior to this build.. There is no longer a “Focused” & “Other” option all email is in Inbox.
    If I go to theu Organize tab the “Focused Inbox” button is gone.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ken. Yes, we’re hearing various reports about issues with Focused Inbox, and have confirmed our service team is deploying a fix. Stay tuned.

  2. Filippo says:

    I have followed the procedure to have the new and long awaited new feature for Outlook “read receipt” . I restarted my Mac , opened Outlook, clicked on ”Option” but the new feature wasn’t there! What shell I do? I am a subscriber of Office 365.
    Filippo Rossi Fanelli

    1. Filippo says:

      I forgot to say that I am a subscriber of Office insider

      1. Thanks for the comment, Filippo. The three requirements are 1) Office Insider Fast, on the latest build, which is 15.34 (170404); 2) activated via Office 365 Subscription, which you can check in the About dialog; and 3) using an Office 365 Exchange Online or Exchange on-prem account. Sounds like you have the first two requirements covered; can you check whether your composing from one of the supported account types? Lastly, we heard reports from some users about having empty buttons in the Organize tab of the Ribbon, but can still see the options in the Draft menu. If you are seeing this, we are working on a fix for an upcoming Insider Fast update.

        1. Filippo says:

          Hi Jeffrey
          why should I subscribe to Office 365 Exchange Online ( i.e pay for it) in order to download an update which I immagine is included in the Office Pac?

          1. Hi Filippo. To clarify, the feature is available to Office 365 client subscribers (Office 365 subscriptions that include the Office client apps). Outlook for Mac can be activated with an Office 365 subscription, volume license, or retail license (Office 2016 Home & Business). All three license types receives updates, it’s just that Office 365 subscribers receive the latest features, including Read Receipts. No need to download anything new, it’s just about how your app is activated (your license). You can check your license under Outlook > About Outlook. On top of the license aspect is the mailbox account type. Read receipts are supported for Office 365 and Exchange accounts. So if you have one of these accounts, and are activated via Office 365 subscription, then you’ll see the feature. If your using a Google or account, then you won’t see the feature. If you have any follow-up questions, please message us via Help > Contact Support.

  3. Petr says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    please, when you will fix this issue?

    It’s really hard to work with OFM now, it’s very painful. I’m forced to use Outlook web client instead of Mac client 🙁 Please revert the previous code back at first step so it’s fixed as soon as possible and then find a way how to make that as an option for user in the settings.

    Thank You

    1. Petr says:

      WOW. Just got a new build and you have fixed this! Thank You guys!

  4. Erich says:

    When will OneNote for Mac receive the following features:
    – History tab allowing me to view recent edits (today, yesterday, last 7 days, etc.) and page versions
    – Find tags

    These are two critical features available on the Windows versions that need to be brought over to the Mac.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Erich. This blog is dedicated to Outlook for Mac. I recommend checking out the OneNote for Mac suggestion box here:

      1. Erich says:

        Thanks for the pointer. I was directed here in reviewing the 15.34 fast release notes.

  5. Gary Finch says:

    I have installed the latest release today and now I do not get any macOS notifications for new emails.

    Is this a known issue?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gary. Check your preferences (in Outlook under Preferences > Notifications & Sounds and in System Preferences > Notifications) to ensure they’re enabled properly. Keep in mind new email notifications only display for messages coming to Inbox folders, when Outlook is running and the mail view isn’t in focus (e.g. you’re in the calendar view or have another app in focus). Please open a Contact Support ticket if you need more assistance (Help > Contact Support).

      1. Gary Finch says:

        This is resolved.

        Because I use server side filters and Outlook does not notify of new emails for server side filtered email, which is a real pain and also the case for the iOS app, I made a rule to notify me of any email that arrived that was not the Deleted Items folder. That worked fine as a workaround until the latest update. With that rule in place you don’t get ANY notifications at all.

        Notifications for server side filtered email in both apps would be brilliant.

  6. Jim says:

    with new gmail authentication in broswer, my google accounts are not updating and mail that tried to send is sitting in drafts. I’ve even tried deleting accounts and re-establishing them.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jim. Please message us via Help > Contact Support for assistance.

  7. Pat says:

    Hi there —

    I have rules set up to send specific messages to specific subfolders based on sender. I previously would get notifications for these emails despite them going to subfolders, but with the latest Insider Fast release, I don’t.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Pat. Please message us via Contact Support (Help menu > Contact Support) and we’ll take a look.

  8. Kris Young says:

    I am on Outlook mac build 15.34 and it was working fine yesterday. i shut down my system and turned it on today and outlook asks me to login upon start up which it often does. then it crashes and says there was a problem. and it just keeps doing it. can’t get into outlook at all. anyone else seeing this as I am forced to webmail which is painful and can’t get into outlook for mac at all unless I go offline. I tried reinstalling autoupdate as one post suggested and that didn’t help. another suggested a build Fast build, v. 15.34.0 (17041100) to load it again but i can’t find the link to it yet. any help would be appreciated thanks!

    1. We had an issue yesterday impacting all 15.34 builds. We’re pushing a change address the crash.

  9. Peter Economy says:

    Much better office Mac 2011 than office Mac 2016. We have been waiting for important features for users but MSFT does not take account of our productivity needs. For example we need import .bas files in Word, design table in PowerPoint or select slides in import presentation. These needs are the most voted but as usual MSF show very few respect for Mac users.

  10. peterhaven says:

    Hello. Since updating from 15.34 (170515) Microsoft Outlook for Mac, my POP inbox folders now are separate. Prior to the update, I had an “Inbox” at the top of the side bar. This Inbox had 3 folders that I made myself to store certain emails in. (Similar to FOLDERS but I wanted quick access to them so made them in INBOX) All my incoming emails came in and went to the INBOX. Now with the update, I have the INBOX and when I click on the arrow I have 2 folders, 1 for each of my POP accounts. The top lever INBOX when clicked on has no emails in it. The two sub accounts were named my POP accounts automatically and contain my incoming emails for each of those two accounts. I want to know what happened and if this was a change in the update? I have been to the GENERAL section in PREFERENCES and SIDEBAR and SHOW ALL ACCOUNT FOLDERS but this only makes the JUNK E-MAIL folder move from under the INBOX to below DELETED ITEMS to below RECOVERED FOLDER. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the post. Please message us via Help > Contact Support for help. (You can paste your issue from this post into Contact Support.) If possible, a screenshot of the issue would also be helpful.

      1. peterhaven says:

        Thank you but where on this page is the HELP option?

        1. Contact Support is in the Help menu of Outlook. More details here.

          1. peterhaven says:

            Duh! Long Monday! Many thanks!

  11. TerryP_CO says:

    I am a long time user of Outlook on Windows. I just switched to a Mac. I want to continue to use 2 email accounts in Outlook (1 for work and 1 as personal email). I need to keep them separate (separate in-boxess for incoming messages). When I added the 2nd account, all messages go into the same inbox. How can I have a 2nd, separate inbox in Outlook on my Mac?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Outlook for Mac has a combined inbox (sometimes called unified inbox) as well as separate inboxes for each account, which are listed by account in the sidebar. If you want to just see messages in one account’s inbox, find the account listed in the sidebar, expand that node, and click on that account’s inbox. Please message us via Help > Contact Support if you need further assistance.

  12. John says:

    Cannot receive email on my iCloud accounts for over one month. Apple store cannot help with this.
    I have to use Apple Mail.

    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment. Please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support for assistance with your iCloud account.

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