Insider Fast release notes: 15.34 (170330)

Here's a quick look at the top fixes in this week's Insider Fast update: 15.34 (170330)


Fixed known issues from last week:

  • Office 365 Groups: now sync
  • New account setup: IMAP accounts can now be added



  • Google accounts: we fixed a scenario where "Repair Folder" might cause email to be deleted from the server
  • Google accounts: we now sync Starred and Important labels; requires deleting and re-adding your account
  • New account setup: we now prevent the main window from moving to the front when still adding accounts
  • Contact support: we have a new icon for the entry point in the toolbar and for support notifications in the status bar
  • New sidebar: now enabled for Yosemite users
  • New sidebar: When the account containing the selected folder is collapsed, we now bold the account text


Other fixes:

  • We improved performance in the calendar, including opening events and dismissing reminders
  • We updated presence status icons for contacts, aligning with Skype for Business
  • All day events on daylight saving time transition days now display correctly as one day instead of spanning two days
  • Birthday field is now properly displayed for Office 365 and Exchange contacts


Other notes:

  • This update has a database upgrade, performed on first launch, as part of sync improvements for Google accounts
  • As of this update, 15.34 (170330), the new Google accounts feature is available to all Insider Fast users


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As usual, please use Contact Support (Help menu > Contact Support) for issues, or comment below. Thanks!

Comments (11)

  1. William Hakes says:

    I never use Outlook 2016 because it doesn’t run SpamSieve properly. I use the previous version which is a real shame. Please bring the rules AppleScript feature back.

    1. Thanks for the comment, William. We have a request for this on our UserVoice site. Please vote for the feature (and vote for others or open new feature requests).

  2. kevin says:

    mac osx 10.12.4; sometimes outlook/onenote will crashed when mac resume from standby;

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kevin. I recommend using our Contact Support feature (under Help > Contact Support) to open a ticket with our team.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Petr. We’ve been reviewing feedback, and we’re expecting to have a change in an upcoming Insider Fast update. We’ll include a summary on the release notes when available.

  3. Jared says:

    My life would be complete if you could pretty please with sugar on top enable the archive button to work with Exchange 2013. Works amazing on my outlook iOS app. I cry a bit every time i have do drag an email over to the folder, and thats about a hundred times a day. Keep up the great work but please make christmas happen early this year.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jared. Completely understand this is something you’d want to have across your Outlook apps across devices. My recommendation is post on our UserVoice site. There are some related entries about Archive, but I don’t see anything specific to Exchange 2013 support. Thanks!

      1. Jared says:

        There are already a lot of posts regarding this but the people don’t understand thats the specific problem because they didn’t read the release notes when the archive button came out. Thats why there is nothing specific to 2013. I will add another one. Thanks

  4. andreas says:

    With the new release, the arrangement of the accounts in the sidebar has changed. I now have ‘on my computer’ at the end of the list, whereas it was top of the list before the latest update. Disorientating to say the least, as I use several different e-mail accounts, which are now shown at the top. I’ve not yet found a way to reorder that list – can that be done?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Andreas. Currently we do not support re-ordering accounts in the mail view sidebar. If you have any other questions or feedback, please message us within Outlook via Help menu > Contact Support. Thanks!

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