Insider Fast: Delete your account faster

As part of improving performance for key scenarios in Outlook for Mac, we're rolling out an improved account delete experience.

This improvement comes from feedback received around Outlook hanging when deleting accounts and having to Force Quit during delete.

What to expect:

There's no change to the delete account entry point (the '-' button in Accounts prefs under Tools > Accounts...) or overall UI, just faster delete!

Delete account entry point

Delete account entry point

Under the hood:

This improvement deletes the account from the SQLite database, which happens within a minute for most accounts, and then frees up the main thread so you can get back to using Outlook as usual. The deleting of the external records associated with the account happens on a background thread while you continue to use Outlook.

deleting account

Deleting account

Start deleting now:

The improvement is already in Insider Fast. Please update to the latest: 15.33 (170321) and let us know what you think!

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As usual, please use Contact Support within the app for any issues.

- The Outlook team


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