Insider Fast release notes: 15.33 (170321)

(Updated on Mar 23, 2017)

Here's a quick look at the top fixes in today's Insider Fast update: 15.33 (170321):

  • The default end date for recurring meetings is now 6 months from start date instead of None
  • We added a Remove Recurrence button in the Recurrence dialog to change meetings from recurring to single
  • We now display more accurate attachment sizes
  • New account setup: we now prevent editing account details after pressing the button to add account
  • Birthday and age fields are now properly displayed for Google contacts
  • Pressing the tabs in Set Access Permissions... when configuring an Online Meeting no longer makes the app crash
  • New sidebar: when expanding and collapsing folders, we no longer suddenly scroll to the selected folder
  • New sidebar: shared mailboxes are no longer displayed as non-select-able folders
  • Touch Bar: we improved the Accept and Delete buttons when viewing meetings
  • Touch Bar: for meetings that don't have online meeting details, we no longer show Join Online button
  • Contact support: we improved the user interface to make it even easier to get help
  • Contact support: notifications are now displayed in the status bar when messages are received from support


Known issues to call out:

  • Office 365 Groups will not sync; please use other Outlook apps and/or follow Group(s) in Inbox. A fix is being worked on by our team and will be released as soon as possible.
  • When you add an IMAP account using the new account configuration UI, the account does not show up in the Accounts window and is not added. Here is the workaround to add an IMAP account:
    1. Press Option key while clicking on “Accounts…” entry from Tools dropdown
    2. Click on “+” icon on the bottom left to reveal a list of account types. Choose “Other Email…” for IMAP account
    Other Email
    3. Follow the prompt to add your IMAP account with email and password


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Let us know if you have any questions or comments. For issues in the update, please use Contact support.

- The Outlook team

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