Contact Support is now available to selected Production users (and all Insiders)!

Contact Support is now expanded to selected Production users! So now all Insiders users (both Slow and Fast) and selected production users can seek 1:1 support within Outlook for Mac.

Through the new in-app support feature, you can report issues and/or provide feedback directly to our support engineers and the product team. Our support team will answer your questions via the in-app chat window in a timely manner.

Where can I get Contact Support?

Simply click on Help > Contact Support from the Outlook menu to send the feedback or report an issue.


Do I have to update Outlook?

For Insider users, you don’t have to update Outlook to see the Contact Support option- it is already enabled on the latest released builds. If you've just joined the Insider program, we recommend you wait for at least 1-2 hours to re-launch and check again. You can find more details for joining the Insider program here: Be an Office Insider.

If you are a production user (i.e., not opted in to any Insider program) and you don't see the Contact Support option, don't worry - we are working to release Contact Support to all users and you will be able to get in-app support soon. For now, please use or to report issues or send feedback.

What if I would like to make a feature request or suggestion?

If you would like to suggest a new feature or peruse existing community suggestions, check out Suggest a Feature under the Help menu. This will bring you to the Outlook for Mac UserVoice website where you can cast your vote on feature requests.

What if I want to turn off this support option?

If you do not wish to access this support option from Outlook, please refer to the article Disable Contact Support.

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