Texting a Non-Mobile Number

Commenter Jakub Anderwald notes how hard it is to send a text message to a home or work phone.  I totally agree.  These days many people have more than one mobile number and yet we only have space for one mobile number on our phone.  As a result people have to store alternate mobile numbers…


How to Access the Company Directory

Did you know that you can search your company directory on your phone?  All you need is a Windows Mobile phone and an Exchange account. How do I get to the company directory? Open Contacts->Menu->Company Directory What can I do in the Company Directory? You can enter a name, email address, or office location and…

Finding Contacts FAST for Communication

Recently I’ve posted a few tips about working with contacts and it has been mostly focused on access from the contacts application or Smartdial.  I thought I should touch briefly on integration of contacts into other areas like messaging and calendar that make it really quick and easy to communicate with your contacts. Personally my…


Saving Information to a Contact

Creating a new contact from scratch is straight-forward enough both on the desktop and on your phone through the contacts application.  But sometimes you have information you want to store before you have the contact itself.  You may not have cut-paste access to this data or even if you did you want an easier way…


Smartdial: Combining Calls and Contacts

In a recent post I talked about the introduction of Smartdial to WM Professional and described a bit of what it does.  In a nutshell, it provides you with a filterable list of calls and contacts.   But I thought I should say a little bit more about the “calls and contacts” part of that…


Windows Mobile Professional: Smartdial

Here’s another new thing in WM6 that I am particularly fond of – smart dial for WM Professional (Pocket PC).  Sure, this is old hat to WM Standard (Smartphone) users, but I like the touch experience and am thrilled to have access to this feature now on my WM Professional.  For those of you who…


Call History Per Contact

In WM6 we did a bit of work to make it easier to track your call history with a particular person.  So, in addition to being able to see your entire call history you can now get individual call history from your contact card.  This is a feature I’m particularly fond of, so I thought…


Mega contact

Here’s a useful tip.  Create a separate version of your contact (call it “Me” or something) that you never beam to anyone.  Add everything here.  Your frequent flier number.  Insurance number.  Dentist info. Doctor info.  Now you never have to search for anything again, ever.  Just make sure you don’t beam this contact to others…


Easy way of adding pictures to contacts

Love seeing pictures in contacts?  Here’s an easy way to add it: If you sync with outlook (desktop or server sync) then add pictures to your contacts in Outlook.  They will sync over to the phone. 


Skip multiple letters in contacts

In Contacts, you can bring up the letter chooser by hoding Up or Down for a period of time.  Once it is showing, Up and Down will increment the letter one at a time.  You can use Left or Right to increment or decrement 5 letters at a time. << Add screenshot here >>