Windows Mobile Professional: Smartdial

Here’s another new thing in WM6 that I am particularly fond of – smart dial for WM Professional (Pocket PC).  Sure, this is old hat to WM Standard (Smartphone) users, but I like the touch experience and am thrilled to have access to this feature now on my WM Professional.  For those of you who…


Call History Per Contact

In WM6 we did a bit of work to make it easier to track your call history with a particular person.  So, in addition to being able to see your entire call history you can now get individual call history from your contact card.  This is a feature I’m particularly fond of, so I thought…


WM6 – Messaging

I have a few seconds, so figured I’ll show off some (not all) Messaging featuers. Some of these features require Exchange12 to work and will not work with previous versions of the Exchange Server.  All of these screenshots were taken on HTC Dash running Windows Mobile 6.  I’ll give out details in some later post. …


WM 6.0 is on wikipedia + some new Messaging friendly devices…  I’ve always been a huge fan of Wikipedia. But really got me excited is the new Moto Q q9.  It looks awesome!  Check out the QWERTY keyboard.  I’ve been going around without my laptop for a while. I think it’s time to put the laptop on ebay now (uh actually it’s Microsoft property so…


Windows Mobile 6 is here…!!!

Drool… After sooo many months of development, it’s finally here.  Public! We can write about it.  We can show it off.  Yes!!!!! Over the next few days developers, testers and program managers in the Outlook Mobile team will write about features they worked on here.  But lets do some high-level overview here. So what’s so cool about…


We are back…!

Well, at least I am back.  I’ll start going through questions I received through the blog, but it’ll take some time.  I’ll also start posting again.  Thanks for your patience.