How to Access the Company Directory

Did you know that you can search your company directory on your phone?  All you need is a Windows Mobile phone and an Exchange account.

How do I get to the company directory?

Open Contacts->Menu->Company Directory


What can I do in the Company Directory?

You can enter a name, email address, or office location and search the company directory. Notice also that your successful searches are saved in the search history below.


A list of resulting contacts will appear. You can view a contact’s detailed information via View. You can also take specific action on this contact. In this case for Kim Abercrombie, we can Call Work, Send e-mail, Save to Contacts, Save to SIM, or Send Text Message. Also, if you need to speak with Kim Abercrombie in person, the Office Location field can help you find her.

clip_image006 clip_image008

You can refine your search via Menu->New Search in the event that

a. You find no contacts

b. You receive a notification that you matched more than 100 contacts, and only 100 contacts are displayed.

c. You simply want to narrow your search results down.

You can also save this contact to your contacts list via Menu->Save to Contacts.

clip_image010 clip_image012

Stay tuned for a future post detailing other ways to take advantage of the company directory!

Comments (6)

  1. Dieter Bohn says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the post.  I just received a question for our podcast that is leaving me stumped.  Is it possible to clear the history of recently successful searches?  

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  3. Outlook Mobile Bloggers says:

    Thanks Dieter Bohn!

    It is possible to clear the history of recently successful searches.  We have dedicated a new post to your question.

    Please see "How to Remove Company Directory Search History List".

  4. Как получить доступ к данным пользователей вашей компании Оригинал:

  5. benwaynet says:

    We currently go through a ISA box to get to activesync for the mobile phones. The ISA appliance has reached EOL, so we are setting up an exchange frontend to take over the activesynce/OWA duties.

    When we go though the ISA box we get the company directory option on our phones, when we go through the frontend server we don’t.

    The frontend server and exchange backend are all 2003 with the same SP/hotfix.

    Any idea why the company directory option is not there going through the frontend server?

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