Using Hotmail with Windows Mobile

Today we’re going to talk about using your Hotmail or Windows Live account with Outlook Mobile.

What does sync’ing with Windows Live support?

  • Email (Your choice of push email or scheduled sync)

  • Contact sync

  • Uploading photos to your Live Spaces

  • Live Messenger (in some cases)

How do I set it up?

If you have Windows Mobile 6 and the Windows Live software is pre-installed by your phone manufacture:

  1. Simply open the programs menu and select Windows Live.  Follow the setup wizard and viola, you’ll have your Hotmail / Live mail and contacts syncing to your device in no time at all. 

  2. Alternatively, you can enter your or email address in our email setup wizard and we’ll automatically launch Windows Live setup for you.  However, some of you may have email addresses that are hosted by MSN or Windows Live, such as, but don’t have a or domain. For such email addresses, this method will not work, so try 1 first.

How to get Windows Live if it isn’t pre-installed on your phone:

Visit the following web site on your mobile phone to download Windows Live for Windows Mobile, or visit the site on your PC, download the appropriate file, copy it to your phone, and open it on your phone in File Explorer:

This download supports Windows Mobile 6 device for push Hotmail, contact sync, and uploading pictures to spaces!  Live Messenger is not included in this download and if you are interested in Messenger access you’ll have to contact your mobile operator.

Once you’ve install Windows Live for Windows Mobile from the above site, you can then follow items 1 or 2 from above to setup your mail and contacts.


Microsoft will continue to invest in Windows Live for Windows Mobile, but for the time being there are some limitations:

  • You can only setup one Live or Hotmail account.  If you have additional accounts that you need to check the best solution is going to in Internet Explorer mobile.

  • Synchronization with your Windows Live calendar is not supported.

  • Invitations and Meeting Requests sent you your hotmail or live account can’t be accepted on your phone.  You can still accept meeting requests sent to other accounts on your phone, and you can accept invitations and meeting requests for your Live account at on your desktop.

We hope you enjoy the Windows Live experience on your phone.  We in the Outlook Mobile team don’t make the Windows Live application itself, but since it integrates into Outlook Mobile, we work closely with the team and we’ll be sure to pass on any comments and suggestions you may have!

-- Tony Grue

Updated on 7/22/08 with new link

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Comments (42)

  1. Utilizzare Hotmail e Gmail con Windows Mobile

  2. Nuo Yan says:

    The link to download Windows Live for Windows Mobile is too long to type in a mobile phone, even with a full keyboard. I’ll suggest making a forward link or shorter link so that it will be more convenient for users to enter.

    Nuo Yan

  3. angrue says:

    Hi Nuo,  yeah the link is way to long.  It pained me to suggest it, but at this time a shorter link isn’t yet available.  One will be soon and I’ll make sure to update the post.

  4. Licantrop0 says:

    I wish to know if is in schedule (and when) the support od bidirectional synchronization with the new Windows Live Calendar.

    Is a killer feature for me!

  5. Frenchy says:

    I have the Treo 700p and use it to connect to my exchange server using exchange Active sync in VersaMail.

    I now have host my domain’s email and it works great with the Outlook connector.

    I want to have my phone also connect to Live to sync up mail, contacts, and calendar like I could with my old exchange server.  Not the case right now.  =(

    I was thinking about getting one of the new iPhones too.  Says it will do Exchange Active Sync but I wonder if it will work with

  6. Michael J. Robichaud says:

    It doesn’t appear the link is available and I’ve search all over Microsoft’s web sites.  Any Idea if this supported anymore?



  7. Scott says:

    Is there a way to unblock images by setting?

    I wanna see email images directly, not by clicking "view image…".



  8. nick says:

    I think we are all waiting for the (easy) full sync between hotmail, outlook (or windows live mail) and the mobile phone/PDA (eventually only for hotmail plus)… See also mobile me from apple… syncronisation of mail, calendar, etc. I think a lot of people are switching over because it’s taking to long… Outlook connector is not bad, but doesn’t work for all hotmail plus users. And can’t syncronise over the air with your mobile…

  9. Maarten says:

    It simply doesn’t work and Microsoft likes it that way

  10. SBM says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for.. hotmail in my windowsmobile 6 phone !!

    I totally chanced on this today.. have been looking for a solution for 3 months!!    Am completely surprised that you have not released this software under total access, or linked it from the windowsmobile website.

  11. Maged says:

    I live in egypt.. using samsung i780 working with windows mobile 6 .. the windows live can only work with vodafone, but cant work with the other network ( mobinil).. can anyone tell me how this could happen..

    I have a working internet connection .. but the windows live give an error ( windows live cant establish internet connection)

    please help

  12. BJ Lindquist says:

    I wish to change the Hotmail account which is currently accessed through Window Live for Windows Mobile (and showing on my today screen how many messages I have) When I ‘tap and hold’ on the account, the delete option is grayed out.  Any suggestions?

  13. angrue says:

    Hi BJ Lindquist,

    Yes, changing hotmail accounts is much too confusing.  I’ll make sure to follow-up with the appropriate people.  For now, here’s what to do:

    1) Open the programs menu.

    2) Open the ‘Windows Live’ Application

    3) Press Softkey 2 which is ‘Menu’

    4) Select ‘Account Options’

    5) Then select ‘Switch Windows Live ID’

    6) Follow the instructions.

    Post back here and let me know how that works out for you.

  14. Navid says:

    I wish it would be possible to create more than one account. I use this with my Officelive business account and my own domain name and it wuld be nice to be able to use both my Hotmail account together with that account.  Also, unfortunately there is no way to change the account name to something else. It would be nice if I could just change the account name to be let’s say "MyCompany" instead of "Hotmail", the same way it is possible to specify an account name for almost all other accounts (except "Outlook Email" for exchange accounts which cannot be changed either).

  15. sp1der says:

    Hi all,

    when will possible to sync my pocketpc calendar with live calendar?

    It’s very important for my job!

  16. Arnout says:

    I’ve just gotten my new Touch Pro and have setup Hotmail while connected to my PC via USB. However, when I try to sync my Hotmail over the air, it responds ‘Sync Failed, Temporarily unable to connect’.

    The phone is connected to the internet via a Vodafone 3G connection and I can browse websites without a problem. So the internet connection appears to be ok.

    Any ideas?

  17. oo7genie says:

    You just saved me a trip to the store to return my phone!  I have been going nuts trying to get the Hotmail account I’ve had for 8 years to work on my phone without having to visit the Hotmail website.  This was quick, easy, and exactly what I was looking for! (short of being able to actually use hotmail IN mobile outlook)

  18. Christopher says:

    Thank uuuuuuuu it works now i can get my hotmail on my MOTO Q 9c Windows Mobile 6 i still don’t know y you cant have hotmail on outlook don’t Microsoft make them both??????

  19. Fred says:

    I would really appreciate if  someone could help me with the setting up of the email account in windows mobile please. I am having dificulties finding the right income and outgoing server for hotmail. Could some body help me please. Thank you in advance.

  20. Tommy says:

    I wonder know why does hotmail go through GPRS? In fact, my wifi is connected at the moment.

    I’ve tried with Messenger, it goes through wifi if two connections available. (wifi + GPRS)

  21. Tommy says:

    I wonder know why does Hotmail goes through GPRS when I have an existed wifi connection?

    I’d tried with Messenger, it went through wifi in this condition.

    It’s not reasonable because wifi should be free comparing to GPRS.

  22. Snooplmnv says:

    How do I view the email images in mobile hotmail. I have a Sprint Mogul with Windows Mobile 6.1

  23. Vitaly says:

    Hey there,

    I try to use hotmail account with my Samsung i780 WM6, but I have a problem. The issue is Cyrillic symbols typed on the PDA keyboard look like question marks even in the Sent folder on the server (web-access). It makes impossible to use hotmail account.

    Any idea how to fix this? Btw, outlook 2007 send and receive Cyrillic symbols excellent

    Thanx for any suggestions

  24. Vitaly says:

    in addition to previous: another email accounts I use from mobile device work perfect, no problem with Cyrillic symbols

  25. arnie says:

    can i check my email offline with this program

  26. Meenisha says:

    I want to know how do i go about registering with hotmail using my phone

  27. rhaine says:

    hotmail stopped working in Thunderbird on my desktop and a day later it stiopped working on my win mobile 6 device.  i’m snaggled, can’t find definitive info anywhere; the tricks here didn’t work.  help!?

  28. Mellon says:

    I can’t sync my hotmail on my Xperia. It worked some days ago but now it just says something like "unable to connect to server"

    Anyone knows?


  29. B Garcia says:

    I have read about a lot of problems of not being able to send/reply to messages with windows mobile live hotmail (myself included), but, I have been unable to find anyone who has had any succuss with a fix or a reason to the problem.  Is there anyone who has had any success in fixing this problem?  Thanks.

  30. Jeff says:

    Curious when Windows Live Calendar and Windows Mobile calendar will be able to sync over the air. With today’s big introduction of the “new and improved” Windows Live, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, they were dashed pretty quickly.

    The T-Mobile G1 and Google calendar sync over the air, Apple offers it with the iPhone and MobileMe – I guess Microsoft has no desire to reach into the consumer market and would rather confine OTA calendar syncing to the enterprise space with Exchange…?

  31. Steve says:

    I’ve also noticed it is really annoying when you send/receive for the Hotmail account within Outlook Mobile it insists upon firing up the GPRS/3G connection rather than just using the already connected Wi-fi connection.

    The other annoying factor is the shared single Windows Live ID, many people have multiple Windows Live ID’s, business and personal for instance.

    Come on MS sort these issues out.

  32. Rohit Sharma says:

    This is fantastic!

    I wish information like this could be publicized more. When I first switched back to Hotmail, it was impossible to find this info.

  33. Utian G says:

    Hi All

    Does anyone know when functionality to sync windows live calendar with a WM6 device will be available?

    I’m sure every WM6 user out there can’t wait for this.

  34. I read this interesting blogpost which talks about how to use your Hotmail or Windows Live account with

  35. DrGerm says:

    Please let me re-iterate how BIG it is for you guys to enable syncing Live Calendar directly with WM6.

    I am serious, give me a PayPal account address and I’ll donate huge to your guys Holiday party slush fund or something, just get that done!!!

  36. diana says:

    i’m using HTC tytn II,and cant log in into messenger,and i already deleted and download windows live mobile messenger.what should i do…can u help me

  37. Codeyez says:

    Right Micr$oft Developers and listen good. HTC is being portrayed as the Iphone beater. I’ve use iPhones, Blackberrys and HTC windows Mobile (which I just keep going back to.

    Windows mobile is a better device platform and has always been able to do a lot more than the iPhone does today (it’s just the inteface that makes the iPhone so damn good).

    So what You boys at Microsft need to sort out is the connectivity and fuctional parts (i.e. make the Hotmail calendar sync, or make active sync access to hotmail available) if you want to keep ahead.

    Google is comming fast with Android/HTC and iPhone will sort out the shortfalls very quickly. Then your stuffed! Remeber I warned you 🙂

  38. Rob Gallini says:

    One workaround for calendar: Use Outlook Plugin for your desktop, then sync to your mobile device.

    One disadvantage: Recurring appointments are off, there is a TZ issue. Single instance appointments show up just fine.

  39. Yvonne says:

    Would also love to be able to synch Live Calendar with WM6…. Is there a target release date for this?

  40. nawtion says:

    Is there a way to configure the download settings to just download a copy.  For instance, when I download mail, I want to be able to delete it from my phone but not delete it off the server…can this be done?

  41. pdeb says:

    My Hotmail on my htc HD@ is greyed out as well as all menu items, including options, except status. I cannot delete it & it does not send o

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