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I have a few seconds, so figured I'll show off some (not all) Messaging featuers. Some of these features require Exchange12 to work and will not work with previous versions of the Exchange Server.  All of these screenshots were taken on HTC Dash running Windows Mobile 6. 

I'll give out details in some later post.  This will be a very high level walk-through :). 

Here is how the Messaging Account Picker looks like (the default start screen) :-

List view looks pretty much same, or does it :)?  New icons :-

Notice the IRM icon and the fact that you can flag Messages now!

Messages are richer, much richer now (this is a read form, scrolled down a bit) :-

Now to downloading.  Or rather, fetching.  No more having to start a Send / Receive after clicking "Download".  Also check out the new status bar :-

More flagging features :-


The next few screenshots show IRM (Information Rights Managed) emails :-

Have you ever gone on vacation and forgotten to set your out-of-office message? Well, now you can do that right from the device :-

And yes, you can also search your exchange server for emails, right from the device. 

Cool huh?  Thought so :).

Have fun!


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  1. yongpb says:

    Does WM6 support Rich text email?

  2. zhamid says:

    Not direclty, but we show the richness through the HTML part of that mail.  so if you send a richtext mail through exchange, it’ll automatically convert it to HTML and we’ll show it.  

  3. davidology says:

    Windows Mobile 6, contacts, distribution lists

    I love the new features of Pocket Outlook, but I have to ask the obvious question: Why are distribution lists/groups **STILL** missing from this application?

    It’s mind boggling that a company like Microsoft has missed this yet again. I seriously love my WinMobile devices, but c’mon guys, email distribution lists are in Outlook, yet completely ignored during sync. As far as text messaging, I’ve been able to do SMS distribution lists since cell phones were still monochrome. How can the, hands down, most advanced mobile operating system lack such basic functionality?!

  4. ethernetguru says:


    Is HTML email in Mobile 6.0 ONLY available when using Exchange 2007?

    Thank you!


  5. Hai says:

    I don’t know where to get this answer, so I come to the source…

    I am trying to figure out what is the Database OID returned in the POOM notification. As mentioned in MSDN on page http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms862902.aspx : "Note   wParam = Item OID, lParam = Database OID."

    However, the Database OID I get in the POOM notification message is different from the corresponding EDB database OID. For instance, Task Database is "13", Appoinement Database is "9", and Contact Database is "10". Their corresponding EDB database OID are: 1078013968, 1077960704, and 1078034450.

    Can you explain what is the Database OID returned in the lParam of the notification message?

    Also, is there any way that I can detect what type of object is changed from the notification message? For instance, if I register notification for all PIM types, once received a notification, can I always assume that "13" means Task?



  6. mosfet says:

    Does someone know how to get last modification date from a record(a contact for instance) ?

  7. TSCI-Tom says:

    Are multiple exchange accounts still a no-no? This is one of the more important aspects missing from the software before. Most business people have more than 1 exchange account and it is so frustrating having to use OWA to get the mail on the other servers.

    Please Give Us Multiple exchange accounts!



  8. alanbarrow says:

    Can you comment on whether Outlook on WM6 correctly supports the IMAP standard with regard to setting root folder location? Outlook on WM5 was not IMAP RFC compliant and it causes significant problems with many ISP’s implementation of newer IMAP servers.

    There are valid reasons for IMAP servers to set/relocate the folder structure and the standard defines the discovery process.

    Likewise, is there an option to set expunge policy? On WM5 it appears that messages deleted by Outlook are never expunged, and thus reappear.

    Hopefully this has been addressed in WM6, otherwise Outlook IMAP will still be broken for a significant majority of ISP’s.



  9. shimaro says:

    Hello, my dear friends.

    I am new in winmobile development but have only 2 (maybe    noob questions).

    Can i with help of POOM do and (if yes) how:

    1) create group of contacts? maybe just logical, for my app only

    2) add my own field to contact information (what type?)? for example, favourite film or girlfriend’s photo.

    Will wait for ant answer, thanks.

  10. sethb says:

    Setting up my Gmail IMAP account. I used imap.gmail.com:993 and smtp.gmail.com:587 (checked outgoing server requires authentication and incoming/outgoing uses SSL. (e.g., see the iPhone setup at https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=77702)

    The problem is the body of incoming messages never appears! My only guess is that the port numbers are being ignored. Any ideas?

    P.S. – POP with gmail works fine, but IMAP is so much better that I need to get it to work.

  11. navynbs says:

    Memory????? IS this an issue only with me, coz i see no other posts here regarding this..

    My default Storage memory is too low on the device, however RAMDisk is there for rescue.

    But without having anything installed in the default location nor with having any files saved in there except the files in the Windows directory, i always get the Storeage mem is critically low, try moving some large file to a storage card error when multi-tasking..

    is there anyway to increase the memory at al????  probably something to do with D.O.C format or anything for that matter????

    thankx in advance..

  12. wangyung says:

    The new outlook mobile supported the HTML mail. Could I use it to send a html mail???

  13. orkun says:

    What is Win. Mobile live messenger download url address?

  14. David S says:

    I have a new Moto Q9H and was wondering… It’s WM6 but I don’t have the option for flags and such… am I doing something wrong or has ATT crippled my device from the onset?

  15. James says:

    Can I flag messages in an IMAP account on WinMoPro (Sprint Touch)? How?

  16. Tim says:

    How can I get Outlook mobile to automatically download pictures embedded in HTML emails? Right now I get the message "Internet pictures blocked" which I have to click twice before I can see the pictures in the email. I understand this is a security feature but it is not needed on my device as I have other anti-spam measures in place. Is there a registry string to turn this off feature off?

  17. Fred says:

    Is there any way to change the delete softkey back to the new softkey like in WM5?  This is very irritating when you are used to pressing that button for a new message.



  18. Shawn says:

    Hi, I have a PPC-6700 which I flashed with a WM6 firmware off what I believe was a PPC-6800 (Mogul).  Anyway, the point is this: Outlook Mobile – I would like to be able to add multiple exchange accounts.  I would also like device-based rules, as if I turn them on at the server, I can’t seem to sync subfolders automatically.  (I guess alternatively, I’d like to sync subfolders!).  Also, I would like a sound to play when I get an email.  But not EVERY email. Just from certain senders.  Think BlackBerry.  I hate BlackBerry, but the simple things available in the software make me more and more attracted.  Stop cutting corners over there – it’s called Outlook Mobile now and not Pocket Outlook –  I expect Outlook, but on a mobile device.  Not a trimmed down poor excuse for an business-management tool.  Is any of this possible?  Probably not.

  19. Mark says:

    I also have memory issues with Outlook Mobile (Exchange) . We need a patch to move this data to a large GB memory card since phones only have 32MB (less after you have other apps installed) of space and there seems to be no way to clean up old messages without them getting deleted from the server.

    What’s up with the memory issue and how do I solve this problem. Thanks

  20. northbank says:

    Under "Email Sync Options", "Download the Past:"… I need the capability of saving the past 3 months.  But I can only choose 1 month or All.  Is there a way to specify 3 months in the registry?

  21. sam says:

    why does my exchange account keep defaulting back to plain text?

  22. Jason says:

    Hi, I’m interested in returning to a WinMo phone.  I’m thinking of getting the BlackJack II.

    I had the MDA a while ago but one thing made me switch phones:

    Reminders.  I need reminders on my desktop, but I don’t want to get them twice – every time i get a reminder, I have to dismiss it twice.

    I see a lot of comments online looking for a fix – (the ideal being that reminders only show when the desktop is idle or not connected) – but no solutions.

    I would settle for the ability to see appointments but not have any reminders show on the phone.  Is this something that can be configured?  Maybe a regedit?

    Is there anything in the API that would let me as a developer solve this for myself?



  23. Josef says:

    Is there a reason why a lot of these questions aren’t being answered? Many of us would like to know how to automatically download images in our email and if this isn’t possible then why not. Or if html email is able to be sent or if many of the new email features are only compatible with Exchange 2007. This blog is horribly maintained and not very helpful at all

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