Windows Mobile 6 is here…!!!


After sooo many months of development, it's finally here.  Public! We can write about it.  We can show it off.  Yes!!!!!

Over the next few days developers, testers and program managers in the Outlook Mobile team will write about features they worked on here.  But lets do some high-level overview here.

So what's so cool about Windows Mobile 6?  Well, it's not a comprehensive list but some of the things I like about WM6 are:

  • New look and feel, new icons, new sound ... little things amuse me :).

  • It's faster

  • More secure.  More cryptography.  You can read and compose rights-managed mails (IRM).  You can also open rights managed Office documents.  It's awesome. 

  • Ready for this?  You can read HTML Mail! Yup, rich emails with images, tables, formats and much more! 

  • Comes with Windows Live (was that too much to ask).  Hotmail, MSN Messenger,'s all in here!  You can chat with multiple people at the same time.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts in Messaging: It seems lame, but it's super useful.  Press-and-hold a shortcut key and boom, the action happens. 

  • You can also set Out of Office messages on your exchange server using the phone.  I actually use it every time I am away (yes yes, I have a bad memory and forget to set my OOF message on the desktop before I leave).

  • Exchange e-mail search!  You can search your emails stored on the server from your device. 

  • Quickly fetch e-mail messages from the server, instead of having to do a full sync (like in Windows Mobile 5).  Emails now show this useful statusbar showing what's happening.  The status bar actually goes away when there's no update to show to maximize real estate. 

  • You can finally flag e-mail messages and sync that with the server.  Makes e-mail management really easy.  No more marking the email as unread to remember to action on it on the desktop later.  Just flag it!

  • The infamous IMAP namespace issue is ... drumroll ... fixed!  That's right.  Fixed!!!!  We had so many questions about it that I had to post an apology.  But it's fixed. 

  • What else did we fix?  Oh ya, multiple accounts in Messaging sync just fine.  Schedule sync works!  And the reply-all bug y'all complained so much about (well, at least some of you did) is also taken care of.  See, we do listen! 

  • Call history is now linked to contacts, so it gives you context.  Open a contact and see when else you communicated with that contact.  Missed a call?  Now instead of just seeing the number you missed, open the contact and communicate however you want (other phone numbers, SMS, IM...). 

  • The calendar app has this fancy ribbon thing that summarizes the day.  It's more useful than it seems.  I'll let Calendar folks talk about their stuff in a later post. 

  • Works magically with Windows Vista.

  • .NET CF 2.0 and Mobile SQL Server!

  • Support for storage card encryption and storage card wipe.

...and a ton more.  This is the list off the top of my head of stuff that *I* enjoy.

So where are some screenshots, you ask?  Fair question.  In my excitement I don't want to hold this post for screenshots.  They'll follow. 

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  1. As a recent purchase has given me the joys (and some woes) of a JasJam, it is good news to hear that

  2. The Wow says:

    Looks like folks are starting to talk about Windows Mobile 6. John Kennedy says they can now talk about

  3. Creating Custom Configuration Sections in Web.config [Via: ] ASP.NET AJAX Goodies: Documentation Download,…

  4. In my own personal protest of today’s major story , this entry was created on my Windows Mobile phone

  5. mjlyons says:


    I can’t wait to pick one up and use the spiffy UI and new features!

  6. scm6079 says:

    Looks like a great jump forward.  Does the product map including back-porting the fix for namespaces (ie. deleting items in IMAP) for existing devices like the recently released Samsung BlackJack / Sprint Moto Q — which are all WinMo 5 devices?

  7. zhamid says:

    Actually, I don’t know. There are some critical fixes that we do backport, but I don’t know what the criteria is.  I should find it, it’ll be good education for me.  

  8. kjpuck says:

    Looks good!

    Any plans for supporting multiple calendars in Outlook Mobile like in Outlook?

  9. eljoe says:

    is that possible that outlook mobile on WM6 does not have any filter to only view unread mails?

  10. zhamid says:

    Re: Filter e-mails.

    Yes, it is possible that WM6 does not have any filter to only view unread emails.  As sad as it sounds, it is actually an architecture limitation from a long time ago.  Now that we support flags, I’d love to be able to just see unread emails, flagged emails, important emails etc. etc. etc.  Sadly, we can’t :(.  Not right now anyway.

  11. zhamid says:

    We do not support Multiple Calendars in Outlook Mobile yet.  As for the plans, I am not in the Calendar Team.  Let me ping our Calendar folks to see if they have something to add.  

  12. eljoe says:

    wow…can´t beleive it…i am so used to filter by unread mails on Outlook (PC version)…but thanks for your answer!

  13. jxy1101 says:

    "Keyboard Shortcuts in Messaging" — I couldn’t get this feature work on my WM6 device (engineering device).  I tried Device Emulator and it didn’t work too.  I am using Pocket PC Phone (WM6 Professional).  Does this feature only work on Smartphone (WM6 Standard)?

    "Out of Office messages" — I couldn’t find this menu in my WM6 device, even in emulator.  Does it need new Exchange Server?

    "flag e-mail messages" — I couldn’t find this menu too.  Does it need new Exchange Server?

  14. zhamid says:

    You need Exchange 12 for those features to work.  "Keyboard shortcuts" should work, but i you do not have a shipping device then this may be a driver issue.

  15. jxy1101 says:

    Thank you, Zhamid.  Does "HTML Mail" also needs Exchange 12 to make it work?


  16. siccolo says:

    …and you can manage your favorite SQL Server from the Smartphone near you – use SiccoloSP!

  17. dsporcic says:

    as per..


    We do not support Multiple Calendars in Outlook Mobile yet.  As for the plans, I am not in the Calendar Team.  Let me ping our Calendar folks to see if they have something to add.  


    any feedback from the calendar team ?  I, too, would like the ability to have both my Corp Exchange calendar (via activesync) and another web based cal, ie  Google Calendar avail within the same calendar client such as Outlook .   Someone must be doing something to solve this request ??

  18. wolfeman says:

    Another vote for the criticality of multiple calendars. Use case/example: a work calendar and a personal calendar. Desktop Outlook manages this nicely today.

  19. JenzDad says:

    What I am, and it seems the world is, looking for is the ability to store our Outlook CALENDAR entries on our smartphone multi-gigabyte SD cards.  

    When will this be available?

    Thanks for listening.

  20. SADavies says:

    Multiple calendars would be awesome, since I manage 6-7 techs that use our companies calendar.

  21. EdChee says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars on Outlook Mobile… the ability to sync individual calendars separately from different sources (eg, personal, work, etc.).  At the moment, I’m forced to choose one source to prevent contaminating one or the other calendar(s).  Love the new WM6 interface and speed over WM5!

  22. Vanda says:

    Why can’t I sync my Outlook 2007 calendar (PC only) with my Windows Mobile Pocket PC?  It did it when I set up the partnership but has not happened since.

  23. Tom says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars on Outlook Mobile!!

  24. Ramone says:

    Multiple Calendars, Contacts and Tasks !!! YES !

    How could this have been overlooked ?

    We have multiple email folders, why criple other folder types ?

    Just as importantly, please include the ability to access SHARED folders(NOT just public) from other users on an Exchange server.

  25. David Racero says:

    Multiple calendars would make my life so much easier today

  26. Don says:

    You have to figure that there are – oh – a few million WM users out there….all of ’em have an office life and a home life to manage. Multiple calendars should be the STANDARD – not something we need to beg for.

    Oh, yah, it’s Microsoft…..

  27. Jeff says:

    I’m a happy owner of a new Blackjack II smartphone. What I found is I *can* sync to multiple calendars – but that’s using the "Missing Sync" software I purchased which picks up all the calendars from iCal on my Mac.

    Moving to a Windows platform is where I find the same problem being voiced here. Microsoft gives us multiple calendars in Outlook but restricts the use to only one calendar in WM6. This really needs to be patched and soon.

  28. Von Madcap says:

    Yet another vote for multiple calendars – no offence, but this is such an oversight, and is really hindering the usefulness of calendar syncing for me.  Which is a drag ‘cos I don’t want to get my laptop out or start using a paper calendar evvery time I want to schedule anything…!

  29. Julie drummond says:

    Multiple Calendars would cause me to drop my Blackberry in a heartbeat and switch to WM6.

  30. Mark says:

    How do I stop my Exchange mail from filling up my device’s main storage space? I would like to offload it to a multi-GB external MicroSD card, but the software does not allow you to change the location of the messages. I don’t want to delete messages on the phone because they get deleted on the Exchange server as well and there is no way to change the setting in the OS.

  31. Hugh McCormack says:

    Did a search hoping for multiple calendars to be support, but to no avail. Will have to figure some kind of workaround i guess. I want to be able to schedule and sync jobs in a public folder away from the desk.

  32. R says:

    Pubilc calendars please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we are a consulting company that uses public calendars for scheduling.  I have people driving back to the office to check the schedule!!! thats absurd, every person here has a $500 phone and thousands invested in exchange 2007


  33. mobile phone deals says:

    Is windows Mobile 6 compatible with the new nokia symbian handsets or Apple iPhones?

  34. Matt says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars in WM6. This is a badly needed feature!

  35. jmoliver says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars! I would like to be able to have sync my work and personal calendars.

  36. JCarlson says:

    I, too, would like to have the ability to track several calendars, including the office calendar that is shared.  Also, I would like my contacts to have a "history" button like the phone’s "call history."

  37. d brice says:

    another vote for multiple calendars!

  38. Jacarr says:

    Multiple calendars would be a great feature for the windows mobile platform!!

  39. Sarina says:

    Is there a way to switch the softkey function in Outlook Mobile? For example, within Inbox view how does one configure the Left Softkey to "Delete" instead of "New"? It’s best to have "Delete" without needing to hit "Menu" then scroll to "Delete".

  40. Jennifer says:

    I need a calendar for work and for personal…even if I have to install an additional application for a second calendar I will…HELP!!!

  41. mikey says:

    Multiple calendars is desperately needed for me, too.

  42. MikeH says:

    "Calendar A" + "Calendar B" + "Calendar C" + "Calendar D" + "Calendar E" = "MULTIPLE Calendars".  Please!  

    Oh, and the ability to network sync imap calendars.


  43. Dmeza says:

    Hello….multiple calendars a need!!! Why hasn’t it been provided yet!

  44. dddave says:

    Multiple calenders, please!!!!

  45. Stefan says:

    I quite disappointed about WM6 – bought a Palm Treo 500 thinking it would do everything you always show off except no stylus – wrong, wrong, wrong!

    I am e.g. missing the "Out of Office" function – not too much to ask, is it?

  46. Fux says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars! I would like to have access to the public calenders of my team.

  47. Paully says:

    Another vote for multiple calendars function!

  48. Ed says:

    I’ll toss in my vote for multi-calendar support.  It’s a pretty silly thing for MS to overlook.

  49. JK says:

    Any updates on multiple calendars?

  50. Deacon Eisenhart says:

    Please – Multiple calendar.  The PALM OS was capable of doing this through the hotsync cable and pockmirror professional.

    Did I mention that multiple calendars are essential?  I would really like multiple calendars.  How about adding multiple calendars to windows mobile devices?

    Make it work with SYNCml as well as I spent so much money on the smartphone I couldn’t afford exchange…

  51. jacek says:

    the stupid imap does not work…cant believe it…emails still disappear from the Sent folder…i am so frustrated…

  52. angrue says:

    jacek:  Can you tell share more about what’s not working for you?  Are you syncing your Sent Items folder?  If yes, then do the emails first show up in it and then disappear, or do they never appear?  What pattern is there in their disappearance?

    Also, I’d suggest you make a post at with all this information.  The forum is great for figuring out issues like this, and we keep an eye out in the forums for difficulties people are having, to improve our future versions.

  53. Brian says:

    Well I found this page doing a search for "multiple calendars", like many people I guess. I run a dog walking company and I use ten plus calendars on my desktop Outlook to handle employee schedules. The fact that I can’t sync these to my Pocket PC running WM5 makes me feel like this is 1988, not 2008. What the heck was Microsoft thinking – do they know *anything* about business?

    So I guess I was presuming that in WM6, they’d corrected their inexcusable oversight – I was obviously wrong. *Still* no multiple calendar support? Well I obviously won’t be upgrading to a WM6 device any time soon then!

    Microsoft – what *were* you thinking? Please bring yourselves into the 21st century.

  54. David says:

    I have an AT&T Tilt with WM6 and I cannot flag emails, are you sure that you can?

  55. James M. Gillespie says:

    Since switching from a Blackberry back to a WM phone, I have also been looking to sync with multiple calendars.  

    I am currently using Google Calendar Sync, but would greatly appreciate Sync Center (ActiveSync) supporting multiple calendars.

  56. James says:

    + 1 million on multiple calendar support!

    I am staggered that Microsoft do not have this feature on the mobile software.  Have they not thought of it?,  can’t do it (I don’t believe that), or can’t be arsed?

    WTF do they do all day?

  57. Nik says:

    I’m new to windows mobile, so far I liked it a lot, helps me big time planning and organising my work. Until I started to look for a solution to sync my personal calendar as well.

    another vote for multiple Calendars!

    Really don’t like the idea that I will need to download some extra soft in order to accomplish this.

  58. Michael says:

    One more vote for the multiple calendar feature!!!

    Could someone please take these requests seriuos and respond to what exactly Microsoft have in mind regarding solving this issue!!!

    Someone said he wuld "ping" the calendar folks… are they ignoring this? Is this too difficult to solve for them? In the same context it would be great if you could look at the "multiple contacts folder" problem… The exact same problem…

  59. JC says:

    Multiple calendar support! Is it coming in a future release or not?

  60. Chris says:

    Any news on future multiple calendar support?

  61. Krish says:

    I can’t believe MS is getting so much feedback on multiple calendars and they are not even responding.  Better icons and sounds are nice, but COME ON!!!! Lets have something useful already!

  62. Orion says:

    Pretty frustrated that no multiple calendar / multiple profile support (for various profile’s tasks, notes) is not available.


  63. Hayden says:

    Another vote for Multiple Calendars – why the heck has this not been patched yet! This discussion started so long ago. I run a business, sports team, social club, and private life calendar and cant get them all on my phone which lives with me but I can’t tell what is coming up next.

  64. Rick says:

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one that needs multiiple Calendars.  I couldn’t even find any third party apps that do it.  Seems like a basic feature that should be added.

  65. Jeanluc says:

    Iphone support multiple calendars. I tested.

  66. spinkas says:

    when am I going to be able to have multiple calendars.  I want to have one sync my personal stuff via active sync and the one sync to my business via exchange.

    its pretty sill that I still can’t do this.

  67. Eric says:

    Multiple calendar support is Key!!!!!! People use their phones for business and personal use. We dont want to share the personal calendar but still need to operate off it on the phone.

  68. M says:

    Man, win mobile needs multiple calendar support. Badly.

  69. JMM says:

    I too found this page doing a search for "multiple calendars".  Like so many others I was hoping the WM6 would have this feature by default.  As a WM5 customer I am looking for a device that can handle this and was expecting to see it on the feature list for WM6.  Too bad.  Dang!  I have to try the iPhone to get multi-calendar support?  Com’on Microsoft get with it, you have people crying out for this feature!!!!!

  70. What about syncing multiple calendars?

  71. Joe K. says:

    I also need multiple calendar function.  (personal, family and work)

  72. Ben says:

    I take it that zhamid no longer works for MS. Has anyone heard anything about multiple calendar support? Perhaps any 3rd party apps to do it?

  73. Clare says:

    Multiple Calendars would be most excellent. Personal and business don’t play nice together.

  74. Trungnt says:

    Does anyone know a software to mix multi calendar?

  75. John G says:

    Multiple calendars! Control over direction of sync would be nice too. Classing appointments to specific accounts would also help prevent passing from one account thru WM to another acount

  76. Cdunc says:

    I also think it’s high-time we got some support for multiple calendars.  Not having this capability makes me question why I have been so loyal to windows mobile for this long!?!

    This is a change that needed to happen 5 yrs ago!!!

  77. Jesse B says:

    Hey, does anybody think that WM6 should support multiple calendars?

    So we all know M$FT isn’t listening, and I’m sure SOME of you have tried some 3rd party software as a workaround.  What are your results?  What have you used and is in good or bad?

  78. Jason says:

    Well, it looks like every man and his dog wants and expects multiple calendar support on their Windows Mobile smartphone – not surprising, since this is one of the most obvious features I can think of. Yet Microsoft have not only failed to implement this most basic feature (for NO reason that I can think of), but they also apparently refuse to even discuss it with anyone. No reason given. No word on any plans, progress, no acknowledgment.

    Can someone please explain to me how in the hell Microsoft has such a large market share? It really is time we started kicking their asses over this! When you think of how much money they spend, how large their operation is, how much is spent on advertising campaigns telling us how sophisticated and thoughtful their business software solutions are, how they’re the cutting edge of software development….and yet they completely neglect a feature that is so obviously essential it’s like they released a word processing program with no "print" function.

    For the life of me, this is one of those things that I will just NEVER understand.

  79. Fabasi says:

    Hey all,

    Well, I see all the comments about multiple calendars and I figured I’d post about it as well, since I also got here from Google, searching for Windows Mobile Multiple Calendars 🙂

    So yes, PLEASE! What is going on with this? When will MS release an update for WM that has multiple calendar support? I know quite a few people who would like to see this feature yesterday.


  80. Yannick says:

    @Jesse B: Iphone & Ipod touch have a pretty cool multiple calender system, that even can be syncronised over the air!

    That’s what ALL windows mobile (6) users are waiting for… So let’s pray it will come with the update of Windows Mobile 6.5… Otherwise I think microsoft will lose more Windows Mobile users.

  81. Alpesh says:

    Multiple Canenders/Contacts Sync, is there anything else, other than Google sync that will do this. We dont seem to be getting any answers from Microsoft.

    Do we go IPhone ?

  82. Darryl says:

    I would like to see multiple calendars, contacts and tasks so that I can maintain for work and home.

    I had been using Intellisync to do this on my work laptop. It could merge and manage my Exchange email/tasks/calendar and contact along with my personal items (same as Exchange) from a .pst. Nokia brought and killed that product. Now I am using PocketMirror for Windows Mobile ( I am happy with it but I have to connect to my laptop to update my phone.

    I would like to see the ability for ActiveSync to work with multiple sources (Exchange, GMail, Another Exchange server), sync everything over the air and give me a consolidated view of the accounts that I want to see.

    Does anyone know if the iPhone will do this? From the preview of the Palm Pre, it looks like it may do this.

    I may have to jump off the Microsoft train at the next stop!

  83. andyva says:

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Andy Vanosdale, a developer on the Windows Mobile Messaging team.  I want to thank you all for being great users of our phones!  I want to assure you that your comments and feedback do not go unnoticed.  Multiple calendar support is one feature request that we know a lot of users would like us to add.  I can not comment on future plans but do know that your comments and feedback are taken very seriously.

    Thanks again for being great users of our product!


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