Some cool devices for the Holidays…

First, please accept my apologies for being away for so long.  I took some vacation (okay, a lot of vacation days) and training.  Rest of the time was spent frantically catching up.  I'll be taking nearly all December off, so happy holidays. 

I figured I'd write about some cool devices before taking off. This is not a comprehensive list by any means.  I was told there are 100+ Windows Mobile devices out there.  Just a few :-

T-Mobile Dash / HTC s620

T-Mobile Dash, also known as HTC s620 in some markets, comes with 64MB memory, microSD expansion (those things are tiny), 1.3 mega pixel camera and a large 2.4" color screen.  It's got it all: quad-band, Wifi, name it.  And yes, it does have Windows Mobile 5.0 with Messaging and Security Feature Pack (always-up-to-date e-mails baby). 

Cingular 8525 / HTC TyTN


This UMTS device also has GSM / GPRS / Edge connectivity, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth and mini USB.  Better camera (2 mp) with flashlight only sweatens the deal.  Oh, and did I say it has 128 MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM? 

Cingular 3125 - HTC STARTrk

Now to clamshell (flip) phone lovers, Christmas came early this year for clamshell lovers.

Cingular Blackjack (US) / Samsung SGH i607 (elsewhere)


Wow!  And you thought Moto-Q was cool.  Similar to HTC Dash, it's a wide-screen Smartphone device with full QWERTY key board.  Vodaphone, TIM and Bouygues carry it in Europe and Singular in the US.  It's also sold unlocked.  They said it was the thinnest and smallest Windows Mobile device yet to ship with a full QWERTY keyboard.  I haven't had my hands on it yet, so I can't judge.

O2 XDA Stealth

O2 XDA Stealth

It seems that this baby is for Eruope only for now.  It does have a touch screen and slide-out keyboard.

Pharos GPS phones

Pharos 525.jpgPharos PPC 600e.jpg


There are also some cool GPS devices.  Check out Pharos PPC 525e and Pharos PPC 600e.

Finally there's always Moto-Q and Palm Treo devices.  Oh there are so many others. This was a good year.  No, scratch that. This was a great year! 

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  1. nuzunet says:

    Just got an 8525.  I want to use email, but dont want to use cellular data plan to get it.

    Is it possible to configure mobile outlook to retrieve mail via wifi access only?



  2. zhamid says:

    You can do desktop sync or sync when you have wifi access.  Do you know exactly what version of Windows Mobile you’re running on it?  I haven’t used that feature in a long time and do not remember how it works.  If you tell me the version I’ll look it up.

  3. seabird012005 says:

    I (stupidly) bought a t-mobile DASH. Why stupidly one might ask? The list is long, but here goes.

    Please note all these comments might be solved by me not knowing how to use the thing, but I have searched high and low.

    First: When I place it in its leather pouch, random keys are pressed. It might dial someone, send gibberish or turn the camera on. Once it has done the camera thing, it doesn’t abey its lock up time, so it stays unlocked and sucking power the whole time.

    Second, Even with the manual, I find the camera unuseable. The commands are cryptic and confusing.

    Third, when it has taken a bunch of pictures of the inside of the case and stored them for me, I have to use the menu to delete them. The obvious and intuitive delete key on the keyboard apparentlly doesn’t mean delete.

    Fourth. Everything is menu driven. There aren’t (that I could find) obvious fast keys – like the delete problem above.

    Fifth, the context menu is all screwed up when accessing messages. If one has multiple messaging services, it remembers the last service I used. So selecting text/multimedia services selects text if that was the last used. The back arrow then takes me back to the home screen instead of back to the master screen for managing messaging. So if I want to check messages followed by email, I select the item from the home screen – it takes me to the messages (assuming that was the last used), then when I press the back key it takes me to home. Pressing messages again gets me to the message menu and then I have to scroll.. That is bizarre design because it has pushed too much context to the user. The behavior of the back button depends on the forward navigation and context from a previous time ago. Just plain bad.

    Then the thing locks up/forgets how to find its phone service – all in Dallas, so it isn’t like it has had a romantic liaison with a French phone company and then forgotten how to talk Texan!

    So, while it is elegant looking, I wish I hadn’;t been seduced by the looks. Perhaps some of the issues are Microsoft’s and some are the device. I don’t know. I just yearn or the Blackberry (which was my most hated device until I stumbled on this after changing jobs!)

  4. Lucianopb says:

    I have a Cingular 8525 Smartphone like the HTC TyTN and use with Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Portuguese) and Windows XP that are synchronized with Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

    I’m having a problem that seems simple, but do not know how to solve.

    When I run the first sync, I selected all the items you would like to sync (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.), but to my surprise, when I view my contacts, I could see they were gone and Smartphone therefore does not appear in Outlook 2007. Right now I’m under the impression of having lost more than 2000 contacts were in the smartphone. As I understand the contact information for Outlook 2007 that I had just installed on my computer and did not have hardly any contact, stayed on the smartphone and my schedule is currently blank.

    I could also see that the default setting in active sync was marked: "In case of conflict" (replace the item on my device).

    The problem is I need to retrieve the contacts (about 2000) that were in Smarthphone before synchronization and have now been erased.

    How do I make a system restore on your smartphone to the day preceding the syncronização for example, because I believe that this way I can retrieve my calendar. Is there any way I can retrieve my old contacts?

    How do I solve this problem? Thank you.

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