Check out this baby!  The new Smartphone from T-Mobile :-


It's a wide-screen Smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard that's been getting really good reviews.

Check out this at brighthand: http://www.brighthand.com/default.asp?newsID=12467.

Sadly, I haven't played with it yet :(.  I'll post my own review as soon as I get my hands on it.  Now please excuse me while I wipe all this drool off my keyboard.


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  1. Popeto says:


    I upgraded my ROM from Windows 2003 1.10.09 to Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

    I have two cards – one SD card 512 Megs and one CF card of 1 Gig and I used to see and use both of them as different cards (storages).

    Now with Mobile 5, I dont see my SD card, but only one "Storage card", wich one is the CF card of 1 Gig.

    What’s up ?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. zhamid says:

    No idea.  I do not have any device that takes both SD and CF cards.  Let me ask people and dig our bug database to see if there is a known issue.  

  3. kevintory says:

    I am thinking of replacing my TMobile Blackberry with a Dash, but the folks at TMobile were not able to answer any of my questions about IMAP on the Dash.

    I need to be able to access my various IMAP folders, and see if a message has been moved or deleted from the inbox.  Five of us share a customer support inbox, and the person who answered the email moves it to another folder.  With my BB, I can’t tell that this has happened, and I can’t  see the response because I can’t see the sent folder (I have the regular BB mail client, not the enterprise).  I am hoping that the Winows Mobile Outlook handles this better.

    I hope you can provide more info than the tmobile sales reps 🙂

  4. zhamid says:

    Aye yes, I can certainly provide you more info.  Let me get our inhouse IMAP expert to post something about it.  

  5. First, please accept my apologies for being away for so long. I took some vacation (okay, a lot of vacation

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