QnA: Can I sync with multiple Exchange Accounts?


Hi there. I am trying to find out if I can configure profiles for outlook mobile to use different exchange servers just like you can on desktop outlook. Is this possible and how would this impact on direct push and syncing. I want to use work and personal exchange accounts on the same device.


Unfortunately it is not possible to setup more than one profile to sync with more than one exchange server on a device. Perhaps you can use IMAP or POP to sync with other exchange servers (if they provide an IMAP or POP front). Thanks.


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  1. bionictrout says:

    Is there any reasoning (technical, business, or otherwise) behind the restriction to one exchange account? For those of us who have multiple separate business entities, carrying around several mobile devices is not an option. Using POP or IMAP are not real alternatives, otherwise we wouldn’t be using exchange in the first place. Perhaps another suggestion would be to allow emails to be sent from multiple aliases instead of restricting Exchange users to selecting one primary address from which all mail must be sent?

  2. zhamid says:

    Yes, it is technical.  The way we initially implemented the application, it is restricted to using only one exchange account.  This may change in the future, but right now this is what we are stuck with.

  3. roffer says:

    I am suprised that there aren’t about a million entries listed here for this functionality. Howard forums has lots of people asking for this very function and bionictrout put it very well. Most business people and especially consultants have multiple accounts, some on customer servers.

    This is the killer app that would put Blackberry in catch-up mode. Most folks want one device for all their mail; business, personal and ‘mutiple personality’ (sales@, customerservice@, info@, etc.) accounts. Plus it doesn’t seem to be that hard from a technical perspective. So why not sooner rather than later!?

  4. mcable says:

    I would like to second biontrout’s and roffer’s statements.  And with the discontinuation of OMA in Exchange 2007, it only becomes more needed.

  5. lmcfarlin says:

    Just thought I’d add my request for this functionality in the future as well.  As a consultant, I find this very difficult to get around.  I often need to sync with my employer’s Outlook Web Access point along with the OWA of the client site of my current project.

    Furthermore, I haven’t been able to figure out any way to even change Exchange servers in Windows Mobile 6.0 without completely wiping out my configuration and data.  The Mobile Outlook Exchange options allow a change of the server but disallow a change of username and domain.  This effectively renders a change of server address pointless.

  6. chanel says:

    Is there any workaround for this problem? Right now I am using OWA for the second exchange server and the Web site UI isn’t really made for mobile device viewing. This limitation is a real pain point. Will it possibly be fixed in some release of Windows Mobile 6?

  7. +1 vote from me!

    The "multiple outbound addresses" option would be fine for me.

    I just want messages received on "tatham@oddie.com.au" to be replied from "tatham@oddie.com.au" and the same for "tatham.oddie@fueladvance.com", "tatham.oddie@viawindowslive.com", etc.

    One mailbox is fine – this is basically what I have now with Outlook and multiple POP3 accounts.

    Until I can find a way to achieve this with full offline support, it’s blocking my move to Exchange.

  8. ngb says:

    +1 vote from me too.

    also a consultant.

    need to use email and calendar from client account and also company account.

    would be great if also had option to combine calendars when displayed on screen from multiple exchange accounts.

    rarely at a desk so email/calendars on the pda phone is the only way

  9. Rick Burke says:

    I just bought an AT&T Tilt on the premise that it has incredible e-mail capabilities.  I, too, have been seeking an e-mail solution that would allow multiple OWA accounts/connections for the very same reasons as previously stated.  I was dismayed to find out that the standard messaging client in WM6 does not support multiple OWA accounts.

    Perhaps with BlackBerry Connect loaded on the Tilt I can use the BlackBerry service for one Exchange account and OWA for one of the others as I can only choose BBC or ActiveSync, but not both simultaneously.

    How much can I pay to get this bumped up the priority list???

  10. GranieTek says:

    I really don’t want to go to using a Blackberry which does support this functionality and was holding off waiting on Mobile 6. Unfortunately the ability to sync with multiple exchange servers is becoming a requirement for me as I work with multiple clients. Please Please incorporate this functionality into Mobile or I and other in my situation will eventually have no choice but to defect.

  11. stewartbryson says:

    The industry has itself to blame for this situation and a million others just like it. We place all our eggs in Microsoft’s basket, and this company has never had it’s hand on the pulse of what people really want/need to do in computing. Guess what: this issue won’t be resolved for years and years because THEY DON’T CARE! You will continue to buy Exchange no matter what, and they know this.

    I can’t wait until Google has fully implemented calendar, mail and contact list in the Google Domain apps product. That way, I can move away from Exchange for my company email and use this very precious SINGLE exchange connection on my mobile phone for my largest customer at a single point in time.

  12. fowen says:

    I have the same complaint.

    I would like to be able to use a alias (as everyone has stated) and also sync with two different Exchange Servers on one device.

  13. jdunnill says:

    I too am extremely disappointed that more than one exchange server can not be synchronised to in mobile outlook in WM6. Using PIE to access OWA is a nightmare. I really do require push mail on two exchange.

    Isn’t it activesync that handles push email though and not outlook itself? Surely it is activesync that needs to support more than one exchange server.

    Is anyone aware of any third party software that can sync to a 2nd exchange server even if it does not use push email?

  14. adamgrandprix says:

    Add another vote for me.  I’m a consultant and currently have three exchange servers I need to connect to.

    In addition to this ability I think it would be nice if they added better connection configuration options.  For example – when connected via USB use that to sync only to this exchange server and use my wireless data connection to sync the other exchange servers.  One of my clients restricts access to other webmail sites so I can’t access my own companies OWA via their Internet connection.  Likewise – when a connection via USB sync is unsuccessful (because an IP is blocked for example by a corporate firewall) the sync should try and connect via the wireless connection automatically IMO.  Please Microsoft – hear our prayer.

  15. Me2 says:

    Another vote for me too!

  16. Dane says:

    Same comment here.  I need to sync two Exchange calendars on my mobile device.  But I’m not surprised that Microsoft isn’t rushing to add functions to the Mobile platform.  They’re having a hard enough time developing a working mobile OS.

  17. njc2rn says:

    I recently gave me Dash up for a Clackberry Curve.  Software platforms are merely tools to me… so I try to use the one that works best.  The end result is my productivity.  I’m able to keep up with my email via my client’s corporate exchange server and still maintain my email/exhcange/BES via my company’s server (I’m a healthcare consultant.)  The frustrating thing is I’m required to maintain 2 different Exhange server calenders.  What a pain.  My best solutions is to just manualy sync my Blackberry when at the hospital.

    I can’t belive we can’t sync 2 exchange accounts in Outlook.  How difficult could it be?  And why hasn’t the need for that functionality been addressed or even thought of to date my the Outlook Team?

    I would beg anyone at MS that looks at these issues to please fix this or make an add on… I would gladly pay for it, I so would many others I’m assuming.  

    I just want to get my work done in the most efficient manner.

  18. Scott says:

    Just another "me too" for accessing multiple Exchange servers from my WM6 device.  Whatever phone/service/company gets this out first will definitely get me as a customer as well.

  19. donkeylvr says:

    What’s up Microsoft?  I too throw in my vote.  This can easily be done, so why not?  Does anybody know of a legal or business reason as to why MS has not implemented this function?  Seems silly to me.

  20. sep says:

    I need this function too! Working for two companies is normal in these days and I need to sync different callendars and mails!

  21. stu says:

    everyone drinks the koolaid at some point.  i too need this functionality. playing tech support to the baby boomers is becoming very lucrative due to the lack of "no-Brainer" features like this…i dislike the expressmail feature offered by at&t and blackberry seems pointless without a comprehensive contact and calendar solution…and while on that note, fix "business contact manager" it doesn’t work well with activesync and exchange

  22. Eric Long says:

    I, too, request this functionality.

  23. Bart says:

    vote +1

    This is not a new problem Microsoft.. do something about it please ๐Ÿ™

  24. Bump. Another vote for multiple exchange servers.

  25. David M says:

    I too throw in my vote. I don’t see why I have to pop my other exchange account just to get it on outlook. And don’t even get me started on only one exchange sync with WM6, I really thought that with wm6 release, that there would be more options and the ability to have multiple accounts.

    Like Roffer said above, this is the blackberry killer app that hasen’t been done yet or done right. You know its worth looking into. I would greatly pay $15 a month for this kind of service and I bet others would too. Looks like there a little niche that hasent been filled yet.

  26. GM says:

    This would be very helpful. Please add.

  27. Ken says:

    One more for this functionality.

  28. Tduke says:

    I also request this functionality. I need to be able to view Calendar Entries from my Workplace with the Calendar Entries I use on Outlook for my personal business. This has given me some heart ache already. I’ve missed several appointments. Why on earth will Microsoft refuse to do this? Any reasons ??

  29. Goyo says:

    Are you guys all nuts?  Why in the world would anyone ever want more than one email account?  Microsoft knows EXACTLY what you need, so stop complaining and drink the blue KoolAid.

  30. Erik says:

    I also request this functionality. I like to connect to both an (business) Exchange Server as well as a (personal) Kerio Mail Server from my mobile device at the same time.

  31. Tim Nuke'Em says:

    Add another vote for this!!!

    I’ve got two exchange accounts.  One hosted that is my personal account and then a corp. account.  I’d love to have a way to sync them or have a "one-way sync" all corporate flows down into my personal, that way the whole company doesn’t see all my personal contacts, etc…

    This can’t be all that difficult.  Really?  

    I haven’t tried the hack

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftActiveSyncEnableNonLocalCrossPollina­tion]=1 (DWORD)

    yet but I’m seriously considering it…

  32. John G says:

    Just another vote for the same thing.  Many of us are contractors for larger companies that want us to look like we work for them.  This means sync’ing with two different Exchange servers.  I’m leary of just trying to change the from field as spam filters some times gag when the from domain doesn’t match the server it really came from.  Plus, do even do this on my mobile means changing the "from" address each time I send an email which is unrealistic.  It seems an option to add multiple OWA sync accounts like the BlackBerry’s.  Then you could have one primary account but multiple OWA sync accounts.  Using POP/IMAP isn’t a real option since you lose Calendaring which looks bad if you’re showing off what a great Microsoft consultant you are.

    It’s a real issue that for some reason keeps getting ignored.

  33. Romuald RICHARD says:

    You can do this easily…

    "If you want to sync your Pocket PC or Smartphone with 2 PCs with Outlook and the 2 PCs are both synchronizing with different Exchange servers, you need to use a registry editor on the mobile device and set the following key:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftActiveSyncEn ableNonLocalCrossPollination] = (DWORD) 1

    Try, it’s working.

  34. GIta Babaria says:

    MY Vote Too. I am tired of juggling multiple computers and manually synchronizing multiple accounts.

    ANy workarounds or options any one?


  35. Robert S says:

    I am getting more and more disappointed in our phones with Windows Mobile 6. Every time I come to a problem or limitation, I say: wish I bought Blackberries instead. It is happening more often now. For example, here is this single exchange account support that I just found out about, and also I could not wait until WM6 came out with its IMAP4 support, and I just started noticing the weaknesses of its services. I felt like I had to leave a comment here to let Microsoft know that there are sill some things to work on.

  36. Sean Burns says:

    Another vote for multiple exchange accounts

  37. Lash Briggs says:

    Me too!  Also a consultant – have been struggling with this for a long time.  Tried 3rd party mail products for Win Mob, which worked ok, but they have to running, which sucks battery life.  This feature would be a big one for the consultant world.

  38. Tom Friend says:

    I too live on multiple Exchange servers, and having the ability to resolve three different calendars / mailboxes would make this a much better productivity tool.

  39. Matt says:

    I’m in the same boat here. A consultant, and don’t want to carry multiple devices. I find it so simplistic and limiting that I can’t sync my device with more than one exchange server. Please change this as soon as possible as it will greatly simplify my life.

  40. This must be changed in 6.1. I am a consultant too and have multiple accounts for the different companies that I work. Please, Microsoft, make this possible in future editions. Even if we have to choose a profile when we go to Messaging, I don’t care. I just need it to work!


  41. Russell Preece says:

    Yeah, another vote for this feature from me too.  I have my HTC Touch connected to my work Exchange server via push, and currently any new mail on my personal account sends an "alert" to my work account (don’t really want them reading my personal mail) and then i have to manually sync my personal account via pop3.  I’d *love* to be able to be able to migrate my personal mail to Exchange and have it as an additional account on my PDA…

  42. Mark says:

    I need this too! I want push mail (ActiveSync) to 2 separate exchange servers (work and personal). I’m using POP for personal but I like the push (instant) notifications for things like email-notification-based voicemail.

    I assume the limitation has to do with the fact that all of your contacts and calendar is sync’d with the single exchange server. I wish you could have separate profiles for work and personal because now all of my personal contacts have to be on my work Exchange server in order to use the Contacts feature.

    The exchange integration is great though. I have used the Company Directory search more times than I can count to email or phone someone in my company.

    Another request is to add more options to the email accounts:

    1) limit MB usage on the storage

    2) allow storage of messages to my SD card (more memory than my 16MB free on the internal flash)

    That said, this is the best windows mobile version I’ve every used and I love the smart contact find feature when using the numpad!

    (I’m using SMT5800 Verizon and love it)

  43. Trey says:

    I want this functionality as well.  I’ve maintained multiple exchange accounts for years and want to be able to check both from my mobile device.

  44. Alan says:

    @Microsoft – it would be nice to see a response to this. No response leads to the impression that you just dont care. Whilst it is highly likely the bloggers are not repsonsible for managerial decisions such as the number of Exchange profiles AS can connect to, as representitives of MS the blog team should be bringing this to management’s attention.

    As a consultant, I would dearly love the abillity to synchronise with the many email accounts on different client sites. An a large number of my clients require this functionality. And as business people, who sign off on technology purchases, they feel let down. A non-technie sees a little device, an email client, a couple of accounts, and wonders why with all the money he is spending that he cannot access two calendars from one device.

    Wake up MS – remember how you started, and beat, a lumbering giant that didnt listen… ibm

  45. Jason Martin says:

    One more vote.  This is a necessity if microsoft truely wants to provide the unified messaging platform.

  46. mrminator says:

    I want this feature!! Please make it ASAP

  47. Rocky says:


    I need to deploy 50 Windows Mobile 5 devices with the same Outlook email account. this account will work in conjuction with an inhouse application which uses it to send certain auto generated emails.

    I was wondering ifthere is a way to create a cab file for the Outlook settings and the users just need to click on the cab file to get the outlook settings.

    I have done a similar thing for GPRS accounts which uses an XML node <wap-provisioningdoc>. is there anything similar available.



  48. Roberto Santoro says:

    Well, good news, apparently Lotus Domino 8.0 will implement the possibility of connecting to multiple mailboxes from the same mobile device plus the administration is way easier and customizable.

    Bye bye Exchange.

  49. Steve Kennedy says:

    Uh, Microsoft mobile development team missed a real opportunity here.

    Add me to the "start thinking about Blackberry" club.

  50. Mike says:

    I have been able to get around this issue by using another syncing software such as intellisync. This will work over the top of your activesync to sync the data. I am using OTA with one Exchange 2003 server and the activesync and intellisync with the other.

  51. Carlos says:

    I also need some way to use multiple exchange accouts on my handheld because i have more then one company. So i end up with 15 companies and 15 different e-mail addresses. The companys are all hosted on one exchange server. Is it possible to use multiple exchange accounts on the same server with a BlackBerry PDA?

  52. Ryan says:

    How about setting up an IMAP mailbox for your secondary exchange account.  Works for me.

  53. Jon says:

    Please add the ability to sync to multiple Exchange servers!

  54. Kevin says:

    What about multiple accounts.  I have clients who need to monitor their own Exchange account as well as a managed account.

    There doesn’t appear to be any third party software that has this ability

  55. Scott says:

    It would be nice if you fixed this.  Looks like there’s . . . some interest.

    Off to try the hack that I shouldn’t need.  /sigh

  56. midosm.com says:

    I have a slide deck of Raikes going on about the MS strategy and servicing users in multiple roles (work, home, etc).  I think its quite funny that they didn’t have the vision for those with multiple business roles who may work accross multiple companies (entrepreneurs, investors, vc’s, consultants, even families who may be part of multiple organizations like church, clubs, etc).

    I know our company has investments in multiple companies and I have emails at each, but have to POP to them and can’t really send out from them on the road.

    Its a big miss currently, but maybe a killer app exclusive to windows mobile (since the iPhone now has exchange support).

  57. midosm.com says:

    To further above, same operability in Outlook with multiple exchange servers would be great too!  I don’t want to have to log into 10+ accounts or open up the server for pop/smtp just for me!

  58. Aaron says:

    +1 vote.  using pop/imap off exchange gives you only the mail, no cal or contacts.  a real solution is needed, but not likely.. consider that even MS’s desktop client Outlook can only talk to one exchange server.  someone on the dev team made a Bad Choice years ago it would seem.

  59. Joe says:

    Hello??? Microsoft are you there??????? This needs attention!!!

  60. Eva says:

    Yet another vote ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have consultants as customers of mine and need the ability to sync from multiple exchange accounts from other sites – especially with calendars for appointments made at alternative sites to ensure there’s no double-bookings of meetings!


  61. John Gooch says:

    I have a personal hosted Exchange account and also a work Exchange account. Right now personal is set up on my AT&T Tilt phone, and I was shocked that adding my work account was not even an option!

    Make it happen, oh great Outlook mobile team!

  62. Kevin Parkin says:

    This was a big annoyance for me also over the past couple of years, both on outlook mobile and the desktop version.  

    Why no interim workaround?  Just a button to switch accounts would be nice.  Does anyone work on the Outlook codebase any more?

    I’m moving from HTC+Windows Mobile to iPhone 3G Enterprise for a couple of years while Microsoft get their act together.  Probably won’t switch to Blackberry though.

  63. Steven says:

    Add another consultant’s vote to the request for multiple exchange request.  Webmail is just not functional and IMAP isn’t an option.

  64. Phil P says:

    Although I can have exchange forward my one account at business A to my account in business B or set up POP3/IMAP access on one of the accounts. There are two problems with these solutions.

    1- you have to have access to the Exchange Management program (thankfully I have this but many others do not) and

    2- This does nothing for Calendars.

     I use multiple calendars on just one account and I need to be able to access them both (and that is just for my 1 account!)

     This says nothing of the ability to access calendars from multiple accounts. I know that I need this feature with the calendars more than anything. For my main calendar is shared with the client as well as my boss and this is necessary for me to have access to but I do not want my personal appts. or my other exchange account calendar showing up on the one where everyone can see them.

     I would even settle for the ability to see my windows live calendar without all the calendars getting merged together. But alas I cannot even have the Windows Live Mobile client to sync my hotmail calendar as it merges it together with my main work one.


    I do not want to shout but maybe if I do someone at microsoft will hear me!

  65. Jock says:

    + Another vote for this functionality. Work as a consultant and would like to sync with my companie server and at least one other client server.

    If Blackberry can do it then why can’t Microsoft?

    Has anyone tried the hack posted previously and did it work ok?

    It would be nice to get some answers on this thread…

  66. Dennish says:

    yet another vote from a pushmail user for this requested feature…

  67. Kevin says:

    Add another vote from me.  I am a consultant and two of my clients require me to have email on my phone.  For me, this means getting a second device just for the 2nd client which is not something I want to do or for that matter pay for.

    I would really think there would be a 3rd party app for this but I guess not enough demand for such a thing.

  68. Paul says:

    I found this link looking for possible solutions to this multiple Exchange Sync problem. Microsoft did a great job getting Mobile to where it is today but I agree with all the above posts that mobile means very little if restricted to a single connection such as it is with e-mail and the Exchange Server. Please add my vote for this feature.

  69. Marc says:

    Another vote from me for access to multiple Exchange Servers form Outlook and Outlook Mobile!

  70. Austin says:

    Another vote from me! We’d started using a shared company exchange account for calendering and company email storage, and then my boss got a Blackberry and discovered it could only sync with one account!

    I have been researching this issue for about a month now to no avail! Palm, iPhone, Windows Mobile – nobody can do it! Obviously there’s some kind of limitation in the ActiveSync protocol!

    Big Outlook can do it, why not Outlook Mobile? Please, Microsoft, help us before I pull my hair out!

  71. jdunnill says:

    Surely there is or could be some 3rd party software that can do this.

    If Iphones can now sync to exchange using push then surely microsoft could share the activesync code with a reputable 3rd party to develop an installable app that does this. Even if it didn’t sync with all the default Outlook Mobile and has a today page plug in, it would be better than using pull email via IMAP or POP.

  72. Mark says:

    Another vote from a consultant from the Netherlands!

  73. eric says:

    another contractor with a vote here….

  74. jpcatlman says:

    Count my vote is as well.  I can’t believe how long this thread is with no response from MS.  What a disappointment.

  75. Rik says:

    Is this new in WM6? My old WM2003SE PDA synced with two compueters without any problem. Ever since switching to WM6 I cabn only sync with one PC. I’m going to try the registry hack.

  76. rschalie says:

    I’ve tried the registry hack, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Syncing to two different computers worked with mu WM2003SE PDA. Ever since getting my new smartphone with WM6 this doesn’t work anymore.

  77. Martin says:

    Add another consultant’s vote to the request for multiple exchange request.

  78. Aram says:


    can not find adequate way of syncing my two exchange accounts at different organizations. OWA, exchange rpc and rest wont help:(( having google or other mail service as an intermediary is not nice.

  79. Andy says:


    I would really like to see this functionality, until I do I am sticking with Blackberry and their free for one user professional software.

  80. robin ramirez says:

    Yes – count my vote.  Definitely need to sync both personal & (multiple) business Exchange accounts on blackberry.  Will have to  use OWA to work around.

  81. Dustin says:

    Ummmmmm….. Is this the old, "What Pink Elephant?" syndrome????  If we just pretend it doesn’t exist, we can have plausible denability.  BTW, we are not in a recession, alchemy is possible, and Elvis, Hitler, and Janis Joplin are all partying in the Bahamas on a yacht named "Fancy That!"

    Come on Microsoft, get with the program.  We have supported you.  It is called reciprocity.

    Or, in the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, "Git er dun!"

  82. SelArom says:

    yep me too. need this. where is ms response?

  83. Curt says:

    Count my vote in. Being able to sync with more than one exchange server would make a huge difference.

  84. Scott says:

    I’ve been searching on and off for answers to this exact problem for over 3 years now and there still isn’t an answer!  You have to be kidding me!  I always felt that other consultants were in the same boat but I couldn’t find the requests until now.

    Obviously, this feature is not a priority with Microsoft and they aren’t reviewing their own blog.

    I didn’t choose Exchange for any of my clients so I have no choice but I’m forced to be more mobile than ever and for many years only being able to get contacts and appointments from one exchange server on my phone is not acceptable.

    For the mobile consultant work force this feature alone would knock the doors off the competition IMHO.  Of course, it needs to be advertised as many of my colleagues don’t even realize how easy it is to connect to our clients Exchange servers on a Window Mobile device.

    Of course, removing an Exchange to change to a new clients server is a miserable experience since your phone contacts get associated with the exchange server and are removed when the exchange server is deleted.  That is not acceptable.  My contacts originate from my phone 9 times out of 10 and for them to be removed when I delete an exchange server is not acceptable.  Thank goodness for third party back up tools!

    Since I’ve been looking for this feature for over 3 years and these responses go back over a year the functionality has a market.

    Microsoft are you going to listen?  Someone at MS should at least respond even if the answer is โ€œno future plansโ€.

  85. brainjuice says:

    Another lone voice in the wilderness of WM6.1 asking for the same dual ActiveSync functionality.  Hello Microsoft, you there? Hello?  Anybody?

  86. Michael says:


    I’m in IT. I need to check my email, the mailbox for our ticketing system, and our emergency mailbox.

  87. Andrew says:

    I am a consultant and have 3 exchange accounts…  

    Right now I use IMAP on two of them and exchange on the major account.  If it was just IMAP that exchange was good for we would all be using the great opensource mail servers out there.  It’s calendars, contacts and the other group capabilities that exchange offers that we need support for form multiple exchange servers.

    Use of IMAP is not even a work around.

  88. dB. says:

    +1 = me not throwing my Dash away as soon as someone else comes up with a solution

  89. Erik (NL) says:

    Yes! I also have a need to connect to both my corporate as well as my personal Exchange account from 1 mobile device.

    Please provide a solution soon Microsoft.

    If anyone knows 3rd party software that does the trick, I really would love to know.

  90. Chris K says:


    I’m a consultant and I use my one connection to my company’s exchange server and I have to use OWA on PIE for my client.

  91. Willertron says:

    A vote from me. Multi accounts please.

  92. If you are using a Windows Mobile device for work then chances are that you have an exchange account

  93. Jabber says:

    +1 for multiple exchange setup. I have a personal Exchange account for push mail and now work is moving to an Exchange based calendar. Can’t use my 3rd part SyncML and Exchange wont allow multiple accounts… ๐Ÿ™

  94. Marcus Fahy says:

    Have jsut purchased a Samsung Omnia and was looking to sync two exchange mailboxes with my device and I’m shocked to find out that in this day and age that this is not available. This is ridiculous.

  95. Tony says:

    Is this ever going to be supported??????

  96. Florisz (NL) says:


    Multible exchange accounts please!

  97. Jeremie says:


    Yet another request for multiple accounts…  

    I *constantly* need to access two different accounts for work, and not being able to do so leads to requiring another machine to be always running & set up to forward by rules certain emails.

  98. Steven says:

    This is the next "Must Have" feature… be first for once Microsoft!

  99. Raoulen says:


    Its sick that this isnt supported yet!!

  100. dan says:

    I really need to be able to choose which address I send from using mobile just as I can from regular outlook. I have 4 adresses iuse all the time.

  101. Steve says:

    As usual MS answer the first post then completely ignore the rest of the thread.

    Come on MS you’re getting feedback, and we want support for multiple exchange servers

  102. Florin CH says:


    I need the to access more than one exchange account and I was very disappointed to find out that it is NOT possible to do that. I am using Windows Mobile 6.1 adm I really hope that Microsoft will fix this with an upgrade as soon as possible !

  103. codeturner says:


    More than one exchange account PLEASE!!!

  104. Daneel says:

    And again an other request for multiple Exchange Account support in WM.

    I’ve got a small IT company and we are all using more than one Exchange Mail Accounts (and some of us, even more than one Exchange Server.

    It would be very handy to be able to synch them all at once!

  105. Amit says:

    As a services professional, at times I need to be connected with as much as 5 mail boxes, please get this in next release. It would be a big leg up for office usage of WinMo platform.

  106. tnt says:

    Based on my previous experiences with MS, they would never listen to their customers until something like Vista happens. My next phone will be a berry. WM6 was good and I was looking forward to 6.5 . but it is cumbersome to carry two phone for checking 2 different exchange accounts. Goodbye MS!

  107. Kevin says:

    Another +1.

    Was trying to set up 2 accounts and noticed that only 1 is allowed. Googled and came to this link.

    Please have more than 1 account.

    Please also add preview view for emails. Makes it so easy to quickly see what the email is about and make quick decision whether to keep, move of delete.

  108. Bob says:

    Count me in! We have multiple manager who work in different organisations, and want to sync with OMA in different domains.

  109. Jonas Bendsen says:

    It’s not necessarily an issue of just e-mail.  For instance, I want to be able to sync my Google Calendars and my Live contacts with my Omnia.  This would require syncing to two Exchange Servers (one for the Calendars, one for the contacts).

    Why in the world won’t Microsoft make this available?!

  110. JPech says:

    This is exactly why MS is in dire straights atm. They’re in a hole and they’re trying to dig their way out.

    Microsoft is failing for the same reason GM is failing. Years of telling their customers what they want rather then listening to them.

  111. jpcatlman says:

    THIS IS CRAZY.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW OR WHY NO ONE HAS DEVELOPED an application for people to have multiple profiles, similar to the way you can configure Outlook on your desktop.  I don’t think it would be very difficult.  ANY THOUGHTS?  SURE WOULD BE NICE IF Microsoft would respond to this thread.  jpcatlman@gmail.com

  112. Karel says:

    And afrer 3 years still the same.. I cannot access 2 Exchange accounts…

  113. Gavin says:

    Got my vote. I have been asking for this since exchange came out!

    However you have to get real folks!

    The business case for Microsoft does not stack up. They have so much power, and as a percentage they know that people who will leave the microsoft platform from dissatisfactionfor this reason is low.

    Therefore implementation is a lot of effort for what in wholistic terms is not going to give them a massive gain. They have other strategic priorities.

    However if Blackberry made a move to have multiple exchange accounts and started to steal market share, I guarantee you they would get their ass in gear!

    Sorry but we are little fish!

  114. Matt says:

    Hey jpcatlman  and anyone else out there

    If someone I.E. me developed something to solve the whole multiple mail account synchronisation via push technology for Windows Mobile what sort of donation  would you be willing to make?

  115. Confused_in_Redmond says:

    I just cannot figure out for the life of me why MSFT does not provide a profile for connecting to OWA servers and not using synch….  I just went from a BB8830 worldphone to a Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 6.1 and I was really disappointed in the lack of foresight here…

    I mean, this is a MSFT phone…  I have my work OWA and I actually have a MSFT alias I need to track and they don’t open up IMAP or POP3 at MSFT so how am I supposed to get this email now?

    Very confused guy sitting in Redmond wondering WHY I went to a Windows Mobile OS all over again…

  116. Now wait just a gosh-darn cotton-pickin&#39; minute here. Sure, the Palm Pre will sync up with an Exchange

  117. andyva says:

    Hi folks!

    I’m Andy Vanosdale (some call me Oz), a developer on the Messaging team for Windows Mobile.  While I can’t talk about any future plans, I wanted to let you all know that we take your feedback very seriously.  This is even a request I would love to have!  We really do appreciate your feedback and candid discussion about our features.  It’s great to know that we have such passionate users of our products!



  118. Kim Nilsson says:

    Since this feature is now possible in Outlook 2010 for the desktop, perhaps it's time to make it work for WindowMobile too!

Comments are closed.

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