QnA: How come some Outlook fields are not sync-ed to device?

Why does pocket outlook not contain all the phone number fields that outlook has?

Specifically the "Other" and "Other fax" fields are missing in a pocket outlook contact. This means that the phone numbers for many of my contacts (over 200) do not appear on my new smartphone. Is there any workaround for this or do I have to manually move 200 odd numbers from the "Other" field into an alternative such as "Home 2" which is synchronised.

We decided to omit some less frequently used fields from the desktop Outlook to reduce number of fields showing on the Contact Edit Card on device. We felt that the Edit Card would be difficult to use if we have too many fields on it. I am sorry that this is affecting you. As you pointed out, you would need to move the Other / Other Fax to the fields that we support synchronization.
Joe Chiu
SDET, Outlook Mobile
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  1. ppcsurfr says:

    Still hoping that there will be a way to fix this… having 100% compatibilty is the target… at least even just for the contacts… Synched items have to  be 100% compatible and logically placed.

    How I wish that in the future, these fields are categorized and tabbed so that the most common are shown under the first tab and the rest under other tabs just like the one on Outlook on the PC.

  2. zhamid says:

    I am sending this to our Contacts team.  Thanks for the feedback.

  3. sk1 says:

    I’m also hoping that the field "Other" is also included. Its one of the most frequently used field on other phones.

    I can sync between my nokia and samsung via outlook without problems.

    But if I sync with my smartphone, all of the contacts that use "Other" disappear and there is no easy way to work around it, as most non windows phones only have 3-5 fields.

    In the end I couldn’t easily migrate my phone book so I stopped using my smartphone.

  4. evergreen says:

    Is this the same issue with the "File As" field in the desktop version of Outlook?  There is no equivolent field in the Mobile version of Outlook.


  5. ChaniJ says:

    Actually the "File As" field does sync with the desktop, and with WM6 you can also edit it on the phone.  Hope this helps!

  6. Sagie says:

    I keep being amazed with you guys at M$ every time.

    It’s good thing I kept a close eye on my contacts and noticed something’s missing, otherwise I would have lost lots of phone numbers (I wonder how you arrive at conclusions such as feature X is less or more used).

    Could you kindly detail which fields are NOT being synchronized, so I won’t have to go through all of the phones on my mobile and make sure everything’s intact?


  7. Tom Shubert says:

    I recently upgraded my Blackjack I phone to WM6.  Ever since then most of my 700 Outlook 2007 contacts will not sync over to my phone.  In fact, after creating a new user profile, new Outlook profile, new PST and exporting all my old contacts to CSV and then into the new PST at one point NONE of my contacts would come over.  Somehow I got it back with the old profile to where MOST don’t come over.  Also at one point new contacts created in Outlook would NOT sync over by new ones created on the phone always sync over.  I AM STUMPED!!!!

  8. Fed says:

    A work around to people who have all their phone numbers in Other – Export the contacts from Outlook to Excel – copy/cut the numbers from the "OtherPhone" field to the correct field – say "Mobile" and then save it.  Import it back into Outlook allowing "overwrite duplicates".  This is a lot quicker then manually moving them!

  9. Santiago says:

    Is there any kind of fast or automatic way of changin fields in outlook. ie change all the #s in the other field into the work2 field… that way I don’t have to change m,anually all 700+ contacts one by one…


  10. Any word on weather this has been addressed or not? My whole company switched to HTC SmartPhones with WM6. Never thought I’d say it… but our aged Treo’s had no trouble with this.

  11. Goran says:

    Same here…I mean if someone uses two mobile phones as personal (dual sim phones with diff rate options) ,and not as business phones…how the hell will you file it in WM6 ?

    All other phones have OTHER field (bcos its the other 😉 and PC suits)..including Outlook…and WM devices dont have that option…

    Yes I could c/p them via excel but then they’ll be Work2 Phone….And if one migrates to other device in future ,again need to change fields… If you ask me stupid…

    Hope you adress this issue.

  12. Eric says:

    You would’ve thought microsoft would have addressed this by now since it has been brought to their attention and it’s a quick fix on their end…so frustrating.  

  13. Daniel says:

    It is stupid to think that M$ cannot get their email sync’s to their own operating systems and have them compatable with each other. I have a Blackberry and all my Outlook contact information transfered over with out a problem. I guess we will have to wait and pay for Windows Mobile 7 to come out. Think I will start to shy away from the WM operating phones.

  14. Susannah Juni says:

    First of all, this was a serious mistake to omit "some less frequently used fields" — especially without communicating this to Users! MS is hurting & alienating specifically its high-end users. We are the ones buying the most expensive devices and software. Thanks a lot!

    Secondly, a little communication goes a long way! I have now wasted approx 30 precious hours out of my life before I found this information. If I had just known this before… AM now today returning my new "Smart"phone and going back to Palm Desktop, will just suffer its crashes again.

    Thirdly, why not simply write a little program to re-map those fields which do not transfer directly to some other fields which do transfer? Just supply this little utility with the set-up program, so it would search for any otherwise orphaned data, to catch it and put it somewhere in WinMobile where it can be found and used — i.e., not lost? Better yet, why not just include all fields?!??! Please!

    It is utterly irresponsible for MS to knowingly cause users to lose data! How dare you! And then to not tell anyone and to not provide any proactive cure. Please provide a fix ASAP. And please let me know when done.

    Oh, and the data should be arranged on WinMobile in a meaningful way – i.e., all tel numbers should appear together, not some here and some there, as they do now, after converting from Palm. (I had to convert using a 3rd party program from PocketCopy, the only method I found.)

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