QnA: Can I sync my device with Outlook 2003?


I am told that I can NOT sync my Treo 650 (unlocked) to my Outlook 2003.  I work from home on my laptop.  I do not connect to any company server.  I have internet DSL connection through my ISP provider which  is also my email provider.  With that type of set up is it possible to sync email from my phone to my laptop and vice versa?  I am not techically savvy and just want to be able to use the sync capability with my outlook account.


Palm Treo 650 runs Palm OS.  It has absolutely nothing to do with us. I have never used that device and no idea how Palm software works.


If you had a Treo 700w then you could do desktop sync.  Basically your Palm would have come with a companion CD that contains active sync.  You can also download it from the Microsoft website.  Once installed, you will be able to connect your Palm Treo to the computer using the provided USB cable and it will sync with your Outlook 2003 (it syncs emails, tasks, contacts and calendar items).  In fact, it can also sync IE favorites, files and music.  



Zeeshan Hamid.


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  1. Joe McGuire says:

    Although the Palm OS has nothing to do with Windows Mobile, this response is not very courteous or respectful.  I would not expect somebody on the Win Mobile team to grasp the intricacies of the Palm OS (actually there are almost none, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view).  But I cannot imagine that anybody on that team would not understand something so elementary; that, yes, of course, Palm Treos, like other Palm Smartphones, sync with OL, and refer the questioner to the appropriate source of further information, such as, duh, Palm.  

  2. The Blogger says:

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