QnA: Dude, what’s wrong with IMAP???

Since a vast majority of questions we get are IMAP related, let me just come out and say it.  We have an issue with IMAP 🙁

Basically we do not fully support IMAP namespaces.  According to Wes Salmon, our awesome SDET in Messaging, some servers use delimiters that we do not recognize, but would if we fully supported namespaces.  This causes some issues with not being able to sync some folders (eg. Sent items). 

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I guess we messed up! 

Zeeshan Hamid.

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  1. vmunix says:

    I’ve recently started using my smartphone to read email via secure imap. I’ve been having issues with the delete when using an IMAP account. Messages seem to be deleted from the phone but not on the server. And if they are tagged as deleted they are never expunged.

    The expected behavior I would envision would be mark a message as delete. Perform send/receive, and deleted messages are removed from the server.

    Is there any way to remove the message on the server rather than having deleted messages reappear after subsequent receives?


  2. Gesthemene says:

    Are there any plans to fully support IMAP namespaces in the future, or is it a case of "tough luck, go reconfigure your server"?

  3. Drool… After sooo many months of development, it’s finally here. Public! We can write about it. We

  4. Lars-Ove says:

    It’s now Feb-08, WM6 and still Outlook IMAP is not functioning as it should…geez…What are you guys doing?

  5. Tom says:

    So how do I fix the problem.  Do I need to reconfigure my IMAP server to work with WM 5?

  6. PineRoot says:

    Seriously, it’s 2008 and still no solution? Or am I just missing something? 2 years and almost no progress…

  7. Licantrop0 says:

    Please! We need configurable IMAP folders! it’s a nonsense having this feature cutted off.

    Microsoft MVP

    Windows Desktop Experience

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