Where are my sent items?

By default the Messaging application does not sync the sent items folder.  Therefore, you may notice that your sent items folder is empty. Here is how you "fix" it :-

Pocket PC :-

  • Menu -> Tools -> Manage Folders
  • Select "Sent Items"
  • Press OK
  • Sync

Smartphone :-

  • Menu -> Folders
  • Menu -> Manage Folders
  • Select "Sent Items"
  • Press Sync
  • Press Done
  • Sync

Zeeshan Hamid

Comments (23)

  1. Jake says:

    Is there any way to configure which folder is the sent items folder? My IMAP server runs the Cyrus server which uses "INBOX.Sent" for sent items. In fact, it only allows folders to be created as a subfolder of the Inbox, so there can be no root "Sent Items" folder. I also use another IMAP mail service that they have configured to use "Sent" as the sent items folder. It’s a US Government provided email account, so I have little to no control over that.

  2. zhamid says:

    Great question, no idea!  I’ll look into that.  Thanks.

  3. nnk123 says:

    I have a XV6700 and configured IMAP on the device. I can’t seem to save my sent items. Even if I followed the procedure above.

  4. madrascafe says:

    Is there a way to sort the "Sent Items" folder by "Sent To Address"?

    Teh current way is strange. why would i want to sort by my name?

  5. zhamid says:

    Re: Sorting by "send to address"…

    The response is posted here: http://blogs.msdn.com/outlook_mobile/archive/2006/07/05/657074.aspx

  6. rviola says:

    I tried to do this but my Manage Folders command is grayed-out and unavailable.  Why would this happen?  Thanks.

  7. zhamid says:

    That happens if you’re already syncing. Please verify that you are currently not syncing. That should enable the Manage Folders menu item.

  8. jstalder says:

    I’m having the same problem as "rviola", and I’ve verified I’m not currently syncing (per zhamid’s) post – I turned on manual sync to make sure…

    My buddy has a Treo 700w with firmware version: Treo 700W-1.10-VZW, but mine is Treo 700W-1.02-VZW.  Could this account for the reason why my "Manage Folders" command is greyed out, too?  All other settings are identical…



  9. iainr says:

    re: top 2 posts

    I have same issue, both in outlook 2003 & WM5 – any resolution come out of this?


  10. Mark V. Weckwerth says:

    I have a Blackjack II running WM6.  I am unable to have email sent from my blackjack appear in my "sent items" folder when my account is comfigured for IMAP4.

    If I check "Save Copies of Sent Items", and I sync my "Sent Items" folder, then I don’t see a copy of email I send from my device on the server nor on my device.

    If I uncheck "Save Copies of Sent Items", and I don’t sync my "Sent Items" folder, then I do see a copy of email I send from my device on the server but still not on my device.

    Can someone help me?



  11. Joel Hanson says:

    I was able to get the grayed out "manage folders" back by deleting the exchange server and adding it back.


  12. Denman says:

    I can get to Manage Folders on Outlook on my WM6 device, but if I select and hold the Inbox, only New Folder is not greyed out – Folder Options, which I need to open so as to change the outlook synchonisation frequency, stays resolutly greyed out. Any ideas?

  13. Øyvind Repvik says:

    I’m having the same issues as Jake here. I’m connecting with a Courier IMAP mailserver (which, like Cyrus, follows the actual IMAP specification…).

    All my folders show up as subfolders of the inbox…

  14. Lars-Ove says:

    I have found out by trial-and-error that Outlook Mobile for WM6 contains bugs that doesn’t sync the Sent folder if you have extended characters in your IMAP folder names and/or some folders contains many messages, Nice…

    Does anyone know of a patch or work-around to Outlook Mobile on WM6?

  15. njason says:

    I have the same problem as Mark V. Weckwerth. If I check "Save Copies of Sent Items", and I sync my "Sent Items" folder, then I don’t see a copy of email I send either on my device or on the server. It just dissapears.

    This is a rather significant problem.

  16. KevinC. says:

    As Jake posted above, I too have two different IMAP accounts for which I cannot change the sent mail folder names.  In fact, syncing with Outlook Mobile now created a second sent mail items on my server!  How can I change where Outlook Mobile sends (and syncs) sent mail?


  17. bastono says:

    I have the same problem as Mark V. & Njason… that’s weird.. it’s very essential and annoying…

  18. steve says:

    This problem persists for me as well.

    Settings: IMAP

    Service: Mailtrust.com (previously Webmail.us)


    Brand New HTC Mogul from Sprint

    I have ensured many times that the "Keep copies of sent items in Sent folder", the "Sent" folder under Inbox and the "Sent Items" box in the Synchronization section of "Manage Folders" are all selected.

    I have also tried deleting and re-creating the account several times.

    I have used both standard outlook and the Windows Mobile settings provided at the following link.


    Needless to say, I have tried several reboots as well.

    Occasionally after deleting and re-creating the account it will work for 1-3 test emails, then it will always stop saving the emails.

    After sending it will move to the "outbox" then appear in the "sent items" folder for maybe a second before disappearing forever.

    No amount of sending/receiving will populate the folders.

    Not having sent items saved on my handset is a deal breaker for me and I would hate to return to Blackberry.

    What’s the fix?

  19. David Kissinger says:

    How to get sent items to be in outlook mobile sent instead of messages sent folder in Windows Mobile 6?

  20. jimtx3 says:

    Same problem with Sent as Steve.  Can’t sync sent mail if one wants copies of sent items from phone.  

  21. jimtx3 says:

    More info…  A partial work-around – create a new folder (sent items outlook) & have outlook place sent items in that folder.  Subscribe to the IMAP server.  Then one may sync that folder on the phone – you will then see those sent messages.  Still won’t see the ones sent from your phone until you can move them to the new folder.  (Note – still can’t sync the sent items on the phone.)

    A more complete solution may be found at:


    I could not implement, as I don’t have that kind of server access.

  22. Bernardo de Seabra says:

    Same problem as Mark V. Weckwerth and bastono . This is very annoying and I can’t continue using the email on my phone if I can’t save my sent messages.

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