Setting up an IMAP account

Why do we make it so hard to set IMAP / POP accounts?????

Here's how you do it :-


  • Launch Messaging (Start -> Messaging)

  • Menu -> Tools -> New Accounts

  • Enter your email address (eg.

  • Tap Next

  • You can tap Next again to skip auto-config

  • Enter your username and password

  • Tap Next

  • Select Account type (POP or IMAP)

  • Set incoming / outgoing mail servers and / or domain.  Contact your ISP for this information.

  • Tap Finish.


  • Launch Messaging (Start -> Messaging)

  • Menu -> Tools -> Options

  • Select New Account

  • Press Action

  • Enter name and e-mail

  • Tap Next

  • You can tap Next again to skip the setup

  • Enter username, password and domain, if necessary

  • Select server and account type (POP / IMAP)

  • Select the network (it is most probably the 'Internet')

  • Tap Next

  • Enter servers. 

  • Tap Next

  • Select options

  • Tap Next

  • More options

  • Next

  • Finish

Due to a bug active sync can only keep one account up to date.  So whatever happens to be the active account in Messaging is the only account that stays up-to-date. 

Comments (11)
  1. gazer says:

    Sorry – This is slightly of the topic, but can some please advise of any procedure to disable the remember password option with Pocket Outlook?

  2. zhamid says:


    Which remember password?  For exchange account you can do this in Active Sync settings.  For IMAP / POP you can do this in Messaging.  Exactly which account are you wondering about?

  3. gazer says:

    I am referring to the password option for IMAP/POP Accounts. Today it’s a choice a user makes, so the trust lies with the users.

    Is there anyway to disable or "grey" the option under messaging? So that users are not able to save their passwords?  Hasn’t anyone come across this requirement?

  4. zhamid says:

    It’s a great suggestion.  I logged a bug.  

    I’ll follow up to see if it’s possible today.

  5. nnk123 says:

    I can’t save sent mails on my IMAP account. I have windows mobile 5.0 pda (verizon 6700). Did anyone face the same problem? Does any one have a resolution?

    I spent around 18 hrs with VZ tech team and they could resolve this.

  6. zhamid says:

    Hi nnk123,

    Please send me a message and I’ll work with you on this.  I have no idea why you cannot save sent emails on the IMAP account, but can investigate it with you.  Please click the e-mail link on top of the page.  Thanks.

  7. evilgreenmonkey says:

    Can you confirm that true IMAP functionality works on the latest release of Outlook Mobile, as I’ve read an FAQ that states otherwise?

  8. Tempo fa, mi decisi a dare una bella sistemata alla posta . Il lavoro fu abbastanza lungo ma fui soddisfatto

  9. John Carter says:

    I thought I’d be able to sync my WM 6 device (HTC S730) with outlook2007 but the emails do not sync.  I have two imap accounts, and one pop3 which uses the main outlook folders.  None sync at all.  Where am I going wrong?

  10. Will England says:

    OK – where do you set the IMAP prefix?  My poor mogul is trying to index my entire unix home directory – but I keep my mail in ~/mail/

    Every other IMAP client I’ve used has a config option to set the IMAP prefix, so I don’t go through this.

  11. Jussi Kekkonen says:

    I wonder how I can set IMAP to not show other folders and files than mail related ones in Windows Mobile 5,  usually its done by setting "show only subscribed folders" or similars. In my case I see a TONS of unrelated stuff etc, uses bandwidth too, I assume.

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