Wildcard in smartdial

Not many people know this, but smartdial supports wildcards!  For instance, if you are looking for "dad", you may type 323.  However, in case you forget the spelling, you can also type 313, which matches d*d.

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  1. manicotti says:

    Zeeshan, can the wildcard be disabled or changed?  

    While the standard 12-button "touch-tone" keypad assigs no letters to the 1 key, the new Samsung Blackjack i607 puts the letters "E" and "R" on the 1 key.  Since E and R are extremely common, filtering  contacts on the Blackjack’s qwerty keyboard requires more keystrokes and doing so on a non-qwerty device.

    I found some registry entries that appeared to be related, but changes there didn’t seem to help. It would be great to move the wildcard to the comma-question key since the question mark is already commonly recognized as a wildcard.

  2. zhamid says:

    I sent this question to our Contacts dev lead.  

  3. ChaniJ says:

    Can you email your question directly to the blog owner and we’ll try to help 🙂

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