Unit testing and the Scientific Method

Has it ever happen to you when working on a bug fix that after investing time on a fix you realized that the fix does not actually fixes the bug? Or even worse, new bugs appear as the result of your change in the system under production. This is similar to what happens when scientists…


How to: Display modeling diagrams outside Visual Studio

    In one of Cameron’s blog post we show how to load and save a diagram from within Visual Studio. In this post we’ll show how to use the modeling API to load an Uml diagram outside Visual Studio from a small Windows Form Application and display the diagrams in it. The modeling API…


Not really the last vsvars32 you will ever need…but close

I took Peter avise and for a while I’ve been using Chris’s vsvars32, however it had some drawbacks, 1. It did not work from a 64bit PowerShell 2. For some reason Get-Batchfile did not work for me, I had to modify to call “echo” explicitly. I also added a helper VsInstallDir and a alias for…


How to: Run Expression Encoder 3 under PowerShell remoting

James wanned me to explain the set of steps I use to enable Convert-Media under a PowerShell remoting. First a disclaimer: running these steps will lower the security settings of your PC, use with caution.  Here there are: In your encoding server (mine is called tv-server): Enable-PSRemoting  -force # Enables remotingset-item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts * -force # I am not…


Announcing Dev10 Beta 2

  Visdual Studio 2010 Beta is now available here. Please start pounding it on it and let us know what you think.  


Notes on the Synthesis of Form

I have been reading Christopher Alexander’s “Notes on the Synthesis of Form”, if you are into “Test Driven Design”, Software Design and AgileSoftware Development you will find this book written by a building architect 45 years ago fascinating. The author explains why some unconsiuos cultures can come up with better home designs than the developed (or self-consiuos)…


Visual Studio 10 CTP

There are tons of new cool features in Visual Studio Team Architect 10. – New UML Designers  – Architecture Explorer – Layer Designer   Please download a give us feedback at Dev10 CTP Feedback page   If you have questions about the UML designers use the forums, we will be watching.    



As Peter I have became infected with Powershell, and to make it worse, there is console mode editor support. Sweet!!! I have one week using it, I am not going back to cmd.exe ever!!  Here is a great replacement for vsvars32.bat made by Brad Wilson.  


Going to TechEd

I’ll be in TechEd at the Visual Studio Team Architect demo station. See you there.  



Hello, after working with DevDiv and p&p as vendor for the past 7 years (wow, I can’t believe it’s so long) I finally joined Microsoft as a full time employee. I joined the VS Team Architect team as an SDE 2 months ago. I joined the team just in time for the Visual Studio 2008 release, I…