Past Conferences

Orleans Architecture Patterns

Sergey Bykov and John Azariah

NDC Sidney 2017

How to build real-world applications with Orleans.
You've probably heard of Orleans as the open-source framework Microsoft uses to build cloud-scale services for products, such as Halo and Skype.
But how do you use it effectively in your own applications?
In this architecture talk, John & Sergey discuss several challenges that you will face when building cloud services; introduce several proven, powerful design patterns & practices such as state-machines, smart-caches, and event-sourcing; and some anti-patterns to avoid.

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Using Orleans to Build Halo 4's Distributed Cloud Services in Azure

Hoop Somuah and Sergey Bykov

Microsoft Build Conference 2014

This talk will detail how the Halo 4 team at 343 Industries used the Orleans technology from Microsoft Research to build the cloud services that power the Halo 4 blockbuster title. Attendees will learn about the paradigm shift that the team went through to think about building cloud-native services using Orleans and how that transition resulted in their ability to rapidly design services that are simpler to maintain and evolve as well as being easier to conceptualize. Participants will leave this talk understanding how to use Orleans to build highly-concurrent, stateful services that scale-by-default. Participants will also learn how the virtual actor concept makes it easier to reason about and achieve fault-tolerance in the cloud.

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