Welcome to Orleans Blog

This post is written by Sergey Bykov.

Better later than never - we finally started a blog for Orleans. Yes, it is somewhat ironic for a project that originated back in late 2008 and went open source nearly two years ago. We hope to compensate for the missed time with some quality content.

We plan to share our thoughts, plans, learnings, tips and tricks, and ideas, crazy and otherwise, which don't easily fit the documentation format. We would also like to see here posts from the community members, sharing their experiences, ideas, and wisdom. So, welcome to Orleans Blog, both as a reader and as a blogger!

Comments (5)

  1. zoeyxiao says:

    bravo ! official announcement of our blog

  2. vish1987 says:

    is Oreleans 1.0.10 silo compatible .net core client ?

    1. sbykov says:

      1.0.10 or any other 1.x version are not compatible with 2.x clients that you need for .NET Core.

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