Latest release – 1.3.1

On November 15th we published our latest release - 1.3.1. It is a patch release with a number of bug fixes and improvements that have been merged into master since 1.3.0.

There were two main reasons for 1.3.1.

  • 343 Industries needed a release with a couple of improvements to streaming and the EventHub stream provider to simplify their migration from the pre-released version of the streaming stack they've been running since before Halo 5 launch.
  • Orleankka needed a rather advanced feature that would allow them to control interleaving of requests on a per-message basis. @yevhen submitted a PR for that after a few design and implementation iterations. So, 1.3.1 isn't a pure patch release because it includes a new feature. We thought it was okay here because of how non-impactful to others the feature really is.

If you are upgrading to 1.3.1 from a 1.2.x or earlier release, beware of the subtle breaking change that was made in 1.3.0. The 1.3.0 release notes called it out:

NB: There is a subtle breaking change in this release, which is unfortunately easy to miss.

If you are using AzureSilo.Start(ClusterConfiguration config, string deploymentId) in your code, that overload has been removed, but the new one that replaced it has the same argument signature with a different second argument: (ClusterConfiguration config, string connectionString). Deployment ID now has to be passed as part of the config argument: config.Globals.DeploymentId. This removed the ambiguous possibility of passing two different Deployment IDs, but unfortunately at the cost of the breaking API change.

1.3.0 was a pretty big release with numerous improvements, bug fixes, and the major new feature of geo-distributed multi-clusters. Most of its content is listed in the 1.3.0-beta2 release notes. The geo-distribution functionality is described in the Multi-Cluster Support section of the docs.

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