WP7 Marketplace Tip #2: 5 Free Apps == 5 Free App *Submissions*

Updated Policy!

Sure, the App Hub site says:

Submit up to five free apps to Windows Phone Marketplace, additional submissions are $19.99 USD

But here's what it really means:

Submit up to five free apps (including updates) to the Windows Phone Marketplace, additional submissions (of apps or updates) are $19.99USD



The policy is simple, just not stated that simply. The first five submissions of any free Windows Phone 7 application - be it a new application or an app update is going to be free, anything further is going to be $19.99USD.

In reality I don't see this affecting the average casual free app developer out there (since they're not making any revenue off this apps and, (very) generally, not submitting that many updates). It will affect those with free apps that have an alternate revenue source (think advertising or subscription) - but since they're actually making money anyway, the $US19.99 shouldn't be a big deal.

Stay tuned for an official blog post from the App Hub team at some point in the near future, and a revision to the wording on the website to clear this up...

Comments (3)

  1. dave_shame says:

    This post has actually caused me to be more confused about the free submissions. I was under the impression that I could have 5 free applications on the Marketplace at any one time and an unlimited number of updates to those applications that would be covered by the $99 yearly fee, but the title of this post and the mention of updates being submissions makes it sound like I can only submit 5 free things (either new apps or updates to my existing apps) to the marketplace in a year without any additional charges.

  2. Oren Nachman says:

    Hey Dave,

    You''ve actually got it spot on. The current policy is anything – submission of a new app, or update to an existing app, including failed submissions, related to a free app will count towards your limit of 5 submissions of free apps. This restriction does not apply to paid apps…

    Hope that clears it up.

    – Oren

  3. Andrey Klebanov says:

    So I was wondering why most of apps there are paid apps.

    Very tricky.

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