Message Analyzer

As interoperability relies mainly on the network interaction
between systems and services, it is of the utmost importance to have tools
handy that can help analyze and understand the traffic generated as a
consequence of such interaction.

In recent years we have seen Microsoft shaping its historic
tool “Network Monitor” into a more advanced kit that become very useful in the
interoperability world.

Last September marked the release of the newest and most
advanced tool that Microsoft has ever built to help analyze the interaction
between systems and services over the network. This tool is a departure from
Network Monitor and it brings a totally new approach in network analysis.

Its name is Message Analyzer (or MA for short) and you can
download it from here: Download

Even though we might occasionally post tips/tricks or
details about this tool in this blog, we understand that it is unnecessary to
duplicate information in the already so crowded internet.

Since we have a close interaction with MA’s program manager
and developers, we feel strongly about their blog being a great source of
information about this powerful tool.

Please feel free to explore the MA blog at:


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